Affiliate Links Can Be Anywhere and Anything

Last Update: October 10, 2015

So one thing I have definitely seen by researching other blogs and niche sites is that people hide affiliate links in plain site sometimes. And sometimes they aren't in plain site. For example, I've seen people put in affiliate links in the About me page on their site that link back to Wealthy Affiliate.

Another thing I've seen is some sites have sidebars that are filled with affiliate programs the author of that site is promoting. The author may not include one affiliate link in their post but will have them in plain sight.

This definitely open my mind into marketing my site differently. Instead of just posting affiliate links in products reviews, which is still I think the best way to promote a product, you can present a product in multiple ways using images, widgets, pages, etc in order to guide your visitors to these products.

Does anyone else use these techniques or others to put more affiliate links on your site?

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LLiu Premium
Hi Sal great blog. This is very interesting and I have seen the same thing. I am still working on my site and have thought of doing much the same thing as others are doing, using them in an attractive way in your different posts. Because I have seen where a person will read one post and then either leave or bounce to another post. So if you do it right, you can have them read it ,( again it has to be done right), in several posts. This way they don't miss it.
uncleyeti Premium
I haven't done any reviews yet so my affiliate links are all in my posts. I also have a resource page specifically for outbound links some of which are affiliates. It's nice and beneficial if you can keep it somewhat attractive, and graphics will aid you in that area.
SalMB Premium
Thanks for the idea. I will definitely look into creating a page for that.