Windows 10

Last Update: September 09, 2015

Is it time to download Windows 10 yet??

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sallylane50 Premium
Thanks Alexander. Everyone loves it so seems like now is the time. I notice that in the past week when I close down my computer it is updating so think everything is all go. Cheers and wish me luck!!
AlexEvans Premium
Go for it Sally , all systems are a go. Have been using 10 , no problems really like it . Think the upgrade goes smoothly if you update your current version of windows before upgrading to 10.
sallylane50 Premium
Hi Joe, thanks for that. Was just waiting till they ironed out all their problems before I started the lengthy download!!! Sally
JoePierce Premium
You can apply to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 and Microsoft will notify you when it's ready to download.

Apple all the way here!!! :)