Folks, There Ain't No Silver Bullet

Last Update: May 07, 2015

Is it provocative to follow a blog about grammar with such a headline? I have to make a point. In every field of endeavor (and I have been in a few), folks are searching for a magic ingredient, a method, or some new twist, to bypass work and shoot straight to the top. Short of winning the lottery, there just ain't-no-such, partner. I think I was taught right. Work is the substance of success.

I am so appreciative of the many tools we are provided through WA. I cannot imagine the accumulated hours of work necessary to provide the training, tips, and continuous updates we receive to help us in our business. We are piggybacking on a lot of previous hard work. Nevertheless, we each have our own load of back-breaking labor ahead of us to reach those goals we are professing. A silver bullet might do the trick when facing a witch or werewolf, but it won't create a successful website. That is our job, and it's a lot of work! Dig in.

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BrenSt Premium
Sallen, as I am reading your blog I have visions of Kyle, Carson and all of their technical and other personal going to the office [or maybe they do it from home], nonetheless, having meetings, planning sessions and on and on just so that we can have an opportunity to succeed.

What an honour it is to be apart of their creation....

danbarth87 Premium
so true!
john1812 Premium
Hi Sandy,

Very wise words indeed!

The point you make was one of the features that first attracted me to WA - no hype, no promises of riches overnight, but success following hard work.

As you say, there must have been so much hard work put in by Kyle, Carson and everyone else who has gone before us and we can all benefit and learn from their knowledge and experiences.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Best wishes