Weathering the Storm - Today's Life Lesson

Last Update: August 27, 2016

This morning, I wanted to get up and get moving on building my WA foundation. It wasn't to be.

With a tropical wave blowing through, we had a sailboat and tenders that needed to be checked on. We had an ailing father that needed some care.

We had life to deal with.

The wind was gusting at 35mph, the sea churning so much that ferries were canceled and small boat advisories were in place. Roadside signs had toppled. Branches of trees were everywhere.

My two dogs were velcro dogs, so attached to my ankles, that walking anywhere in our tiny, cluttered house required an extra 3 feet of additional space.

Suddenly I had to deal with what life was throwing me in the moment. I had to focus on the tasks at hand, whether I wanted to or not.

Life's like that sometimes. No matter what your plan, mother nature or the universe throws you a curve ball.

But here's the thing:

An hour ago, I stood out on our verandah and watched the sea churning up giant crashing waves while sending salt spray almost to the house. Big, sturdy trees were bent over in the fetal position. The wind was howling as if coming from the underworld.

All we could do was hunker down and stay dry and safe.

Now, exactly one hour later, I'm watching a different sea. The waves look manageable - almost inviting. The trees are standing tall and proud, as if saying, "What? That storm? No problem, we got this."

Now, exactly one hour later, I feel ready again to pick up where I left off with WA. Hopeful. Eager. Ready for Action.

Life's lessons come in so many stunning amazing ways. If I pay attention.

Today, I was once again reminded that in spite of the bad weather that we all face, figuratively and literally, this too shall pass.

I just need to weather the storm. Pick up the debris. Fix the damage.

And be ready to keep moving when it's all over.

Sail in Peace,


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JudeP Premium
It will pass :)
SailinPeace Premium
Thanks for reading Jude! It means a lot.