First Seven Days - WA Kindergarten

Last Update: August 27, 2016

It's been seven days since I've signed up as an WA member.

Being new is like going to Kindergarten for the first time. Here are my top 10 things I've learned this week.

  1. You're so excited to finally be part of the class, you can't control your excitement.
  2. You get to make all these new friends and you have to play nice.
  3. There's always going to be that kid that pulls another kid's hair for attention (or in this case PM's you with absolutely NO conversation or message related to WA.)
  4. You move out of that seat, and go sit by the boys and girls that are the good kids. They're the ones who pay attention, they help each other out, they are always kind.
  5. As much as you think you're a smartypants because you ALREADY know how to read, you think you should be in Grade Six. So you just leap ahead to Grade Six, and you are suddenly a scared little kid that knows nothing - except how to read.
  6. Back in Kindergarten you pay closer attention - you stop skipping ahead. You learn how to focus just a little bit better. You pay attention to what the other kids are saying.
  7. You HAVE to have a recess. Bounce around the jungle-gym, play tether-ball, burn off some energy. No kid can sit for hours at a time and have anything to learn after that.
  8. Naptime is good. Even if you just lay down on that special mat and close your eyes and quiet your mind, you actually do feel rested and ready for the next lesson.
  9. If you keep on chatting with all your new friends, you may miss some important lessons.
  10. In one week, you actually start to learn how to colour between the lines!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic first week of school!!

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MPollock Premium
Keep going forward like you are now and you will succeed.
Way to go. Love it.
SailinPeace Premium
Thank you so much. Everyday I learn so much. The ideas just keep bubbling up. I know it's been only a week, but I do feel like I've "come home". For a woman that hasn't live in her home country for almost a decade, that says a lot!
JudeP Premium
A wonderful analogy - I just know you have the right attitude to go far :)
SailinPeace Premium
Thank you. Thank you! Thank you. This feeds so much in me: desire for financial freedom, love of writing, love of learning. If feels so right. your support and help have been absolutely amazing. I can't thank you enough! :)