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Last Update: October 18, 2019

wealthy affiliated is helping alot of people.

i havent gotten no money from it whats so ever but i honestly enjoying the fact that im helping others to try it andthink positive. Sometimes i hve no idea of what im doing but anyways lol.... i want to be tthat person whos says "im wgetting 1000 every week or etc

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CathyOliver9 Premium
I am in the same boat! Have been here for over four months, got two websites, am on Facebook and Twitter, have got four videos on YouTube, have written a lot of posts, have helped people on WA and have yet not earned anything. 🤣👍

But I do believe that I can make something out of it. I don't want to be a sheep in the flock and give up like most people. I want to find out if it really works. I am giving it another 6 months. If nothing has happened then, I will have to think hard if I want to proceed.

I say go for it and not give up! Keep up the good work!

Have a great time!

klchang Premium
What is better than helping others and at the same time helping ourselves? Do what you know is right and, as you said so, think positive. As long as you are doing the training and taking action, you are moving forward. Time will tell whether you are getting 1000 every week. You reap what you sow. All the best Uriel and have fun helping others.
megawinner Premium
This is the best place to empower yourself and lift up your self from the claws of want to the basket of abundance, so to speak!
JKulk1 Premium
You'll get there my friend. There are lots of people here willing to help. Jim
JeffreyBrown Premium
All it takes is lots of writing and hard work, and the coll part is its at your OWN pace!!