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Last Update: Jan 6, 2022

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Hello my Wealthy Affiliate community everyone happy after the holiday and back to normal.

Happy new year to everyone.

Today Happy to announce that at last I have finished building my dropshipping website.

IT took more then one month to build my dropshipping website.

In end of November I brought my dropshipping from the Readmade store to Wealthy Affiliate platform it was troubleshooting at wealthy affiliate because the plugin that were set in. Lastly I deleted the plugin and the website was a blank sheet.

And started researching how to build the dropshipping website again. I started watching Jay's video all the dropshipping, E-commerce and WooCommerce website.

And even on Google and YouTube and at last I found out and build my dropshipping website. I am a slow learner but I did. Now I wanted to share this with my Wealthy Affiliate friends and my couches Kyle, Jay, and Abje.

I am so happy but need to learn more how to host how to run the website.

Thank you


Recent Comments


Great work Sahida. Well Done!

Thank you

Congratulations. That was a big accomplishment. And a very big job.
So excited to see y6ou found a way to do your drop shipping setup[

What a great way to start the new year. .


Thank you

Outstanding, Sahida! You are capable and do not let anyone tell you different.


Thank you

Awesome achievement Sahida
Keep going forward

Thank you

You're welcome

I am truly happy with your achievement, Sahida. Keep up the good work and all the success in the year 2022. 😊

Thank you

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