Wealthy Affiliate Support to the rescue!

Last Update: March 13, 2018

I just started blogging and a LOT of the set up and website design stuff is WAY over my head. I followed the training and started adding categories and headings and the formatting didn't work out well. All the blogs would appear if you clicked on the individual categories, the About page came up instead of the blogs for that category, etc. I was totally frustrated and was ready to hire someone to fix these issues for me. Luckily, I couldn't find anyone to freelance and help me BUT I just noticed the Site support button on the screen. I filled out the form for help and lo and behold, the probems were fixed really quickly! Thank you Site Support! WA helped save me money! I feel like I really have the support here to be successful!

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CLofLA Premium
Hi Pamela, I love the story!

I was wondering about site support. I will be writing some reviews on other website hosting and wondered if our site support was any better.

Well, you just saved me a lot of time in research thank you. You know it's the little tips like this, that could help so many people you never know.

Many days of success to you here at WA, the best place in all the online world,

SachiKashi Premium
Just one of the reasons I'm a WA fan!
AlexEvans Premium
Site support is so helpful and will sort things out, we are so fortunate to have them at our disposal, it is both a time and money saver, pleased that you were able to get things sorted so you can get on with it Pamela.