Be consistent!

Last Update: March 17, 2015

It's always exciting starting a new blog. Fired up and full of ideas, you build a website, get half a dozen posts up, get some engagement from others in comments or social sharing, but can you keep the momentum up?

You probably have at least 15 ideas for new posts - I hope so! - for which you're researching keywords. What happens when you exhaust them? Here's a tip: every time you publish a new post, think of an idea for another, so that list of 15 is always there and you're not down to scratching your head for ideas.

Running low on content material ideas means you'll lose momentum. If you lose momentum you may not be able to keep your posts on the schedule you promised yourself you would, whether that's once a week, twice a week or every second day.

Sticking to your schedule is vital for your success; you must be consistent. Google knows a one-hit-wonder when it sees one, so if your posts dry up or you start posting randomly or only once a month, those Google rankings you've worked hard for will start to drop.

WordPress lets you schedule posts for the future, so even if you're heading off on vacation your website can still work for you and publish new posts. Your lifestyle may be that the only time you have to work on your posts is the weekend - that's where scheduling is your friend.

Be consistent, and be patient. You're not going to make a mint in your first week, or even month. But I truly believe those of us here at WA can be successful and make money from our online businesses. Consistency is the key.

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progress5 Premium
Good advice Sabrina:):)
HelenpDoyle Premium
I like the idea of future posting. I will keep this message.
SabrinaF Premium
Thanks Helen!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Consistancy is certainly a very
important key to many successes.