WA Experience

Last Update: Jun 11, 2017


So far my experience on here has been pretty positive. I have had a couple of setbacks but I am getting them resolved as I write this blog. I have successfully built my own website and got it indexed on google plus. I have done a lot so far and I am looking to do a lot more. When I do get myself where I want to be with this program I plan on doing a lot of reading. I am very happy with what has taken place so far and I am still in the first month so I can only imagine what will happen a year or two from now.

Recent Comments


A positive attitude and great comments to encourage anyone else to pursue their passion as well

Minor bumps in the road will exist as you move forward, but you have an incredible backbone of support here within WA if you ever need a hand.

Sounds like you are off and running here Ryan and I really do look forward to seeing your progress moving forward. :)

Welcome to WA! Hope you will enjoy it here as much as I have!

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