February Almost Gone

Last Update: February 23, 2017

What a month, well it's almost gone. End of year reports, taxes for bunches of people, plus all the regular stuff and then a class on Church Compliance for the IRS jst to let us know everywhere changes are being made. So thankful I am not alone.

Just like here at WA, you don't have to tackle anything alone. Nothing beats TEAM WORK, T-ogether E-veryone A-ccomplishes M-uch! Some say Achieves More and that's OK too. When you finally realize that you were never made to go it alone it gets easier to ask for help. Everyone has something to contribute if we let them.

Posted a new page on my latest website, it is a tribute page to my brother who just passed. Out of nine there are 5 left.

Life goes on and while we are yet alive, let us use our time wisely to bring good into our circles that flow into other circles around us.

Help someone today, every little thing counts! That's what makes BIG things.

Be Blessed,


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MoragK Premium
Hi, Ruth, inspiring. The circle of life. You're so right, while we are here on earth we're meant to learn and do as much as we can. Thanks for the reminder. All the best.
viyee Premium
Hi Ruth, Great post. Thank you for sharing.
MKearns Premium
Great attitude and accomplishments Ruth. Keep on!
ruthrobinson Premium
Thank you, Mike. It really is great to be with people who share the same hopes and dreams, cares and concerns.