Is the kids allowance going to WA

Last Update: July 23, 2015

You are doing all the things that need to be done to make money online. You are writing the content. Building your websites. Going to the social platforms where people hang out as if were a coffee shop. Yet you don't know if your going to have enough money to pay your WA bill each month. You have quit drinking beer, going out at night and you no longer take the weekly trip to Micky D's. Your frustrated and not certain what you need do. If you content is good you have an alternative. I began selling my content online. You don't make a great deal of money but it is an option for you. There are tons of sites online where you can write content for others. All you need to do to pay your monthly WA bill is to write 10 pieces of content per month. That's 2.5 pieces of content per week. There are thousands of people looking for services such as yours and are will to pay. Good luck. Just remember "Time is not short, Only life is".

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geego Premium
Good reminder, it has me thinking about how many pieces i can manage to write monthly
SamiWilliams Premium
Thanks for the reminder
pitters Premium
Top of the morning to you, Green Mountain man!!
Just what I'm looking to do . . .Care to swap links? :)
rushmore1954 Premium
Sure if its ok with WA.
pitters Premium
No problem through PM as far as I understand it?
jaydeb08 Premium
gday stephen great idea writing for others might look intro that cheers