The First Part of My Journey With WA

Last Update: December 21, 2017

So here I am on Lesson 10. I signed on just to give it a try and see if anything peaked my see if this was another scam that was going to ask me for $10,000.00 before they even did anything for me. What I discovered has been very exciting. So far I feel like I've gotten more out of the WA community than I've put in and I'm very motivated at this point to give back as part of my journey. I still feel like a bit of a newbie, but a newbie with a lot more knowledge than I started out with and a newbie with optomism that online affiliate sales is the career that I've been looking for.

My niche is health, training and general information for your dog. I am a dog owner and I've shared alot, and learned alot in developing my site I'm also eager to develop other sites related to guitars, blackjack and motorcycles (three of my other interests). I recognize huge potential in this method of doing business and especially in the support provided for it by Wealthy Affiliate.

I would encourage anyone just starting out to continue with the training. I try to engage in the certification program everyday and I'm never disappointed. I understand that developing my business may take some time, but I can monitor my progress daily in many ways withing the WA community and that keeps me going. I'm in it for the long haul. I hope you are too.


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djjimusolar Premium
Brad, welcome to the WA community. All the best to you and yours. -Jim Schupbach
Urolin1981 Premium
Congratulation! Apparently, You have captured and secured the whole set of mentality on how to excel and succeed in e-marketing. Keep on and do not forget to share your success on the tough road of online business.