Wordpress 4.1 Has Now Released

Last Update: December 18, 2014

Hey Folks,

For those of you using Wordpress, which most of you are, Wordpress 4.1 was released today and you should be able to upgrade to this latest version via your admin panel.

A couple of the new features in Wordpress 4.1 include:

1. The new 'Twenty Fifteen' theme (Free)

Looks as though the new 'Twenty Fifteen' theme is a blog-focused theme designed for clarity which includes flawless language support. Readable on any screen size.

2. Distraction-free writing

By turning on distraction-free writing mode, when you start typing, the side panels, both on the left and right sides AND the top and bottoms will fade away, leaving you with just the text editor to focus solely on your writing. All the editing tools instantly return when you pass your mouse out of the text editing box.

To turn on distraction-free writing, the button is located on the text editor menu bar to the far right right below the 'Text' tab.

I've made the upgrade myself on my sites. Doesn't seem to be a problem with any of my plugins.

Don't forget to update any plugins needing update after you install this latest version of Wordpress 4.1. As well as the other default free themes.


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RudyStebih Premium
Your welcome gentlemen!!
Shawn-1 Premium
Thanks Rudy, that's good to know and thank you for bringing this information to us. I'll be updating when I log on from my pc tomorrow.
CC1 Premium
Nice! it's about time that this feature was included in a theme! Thanks for the update, Rudy!
Simowatto Premium
informative thanks
antonioA Premium
thanks rudy