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Last Update: March 10, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to be when it comes to learning how to build an entire online business from the ground up. You will learn how to use the internet, SEO and write content as well as use social media to scale your business to insane levels.

If your goal is to have complete freedom of location so that you can work from wherever in the world you want, have time freedom to do the things you love, have financial freedom to live the way you choose to live and to be able to give back and contribute to the world, then look no further than WA.

Wealthy Affiliate already has a proven system and a proven path that when followed and applied will help you build a well-oiled machine that will generate profits for you day in and day out.

If you diligently follow the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Bootcamp Training as well as the Live Events, you will set yourself up for success. This could literally change the course of your life.

But don't take my word for it. Check out all the people in Wealthy Affiliate who are already having success.

As I was looking to build and scale my online presence I began to think about the philosophy of how I'm going to approach this idea. My philosophy is to focus on 3 primary drivers so that when I work on my online business, I work with Intention.

The First Driver is Time Freedom

The whole point for me starting my business blogis to replace my income and work from home, to be my own boss and create my reality as I see fit, to live life in my own terms. I realize this is something that will take time, work and patience.

For most of us, It's hard when you first get started because you're working a full time job and then doing this part-time.

Being new to this it can be hard to know when to start and when to stop. One can become overwhelmed with all the ins and outs, and the list of things to do can easily get out of control.

For me, travel, adventures and fun experiences are high on my priority list. It's my main focus now.

So I don't want to be stuck inside all day long when I'd love to go hiking, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

Time can quickly get away from me and it can easily take hours to create content and do the things I need to do daily.

So I've learned how important it is to have systems in place to take a lot of the workload off. Part of that involves having a systems and method based training platform. You don't have to stop and try to reinvent the wheel or wonder where your next step should be. It's all right here in WA waiting for you, leading you into your next step and your next tasks.

As you go along and begin to earn money, you can learn how to automate some of the business or even delegate some of the more monotonous things to a Virtual Assistant, therefore making your first driver of Time Freedom a priority.

The Second Driver is Location Independence.

With the training you receive from Wealthy Affiliate, this is something that you can create for yourself. As bloggers, affiliate marketers, online marketers we have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

I get to sit outside on my balcony with a view that is breathtaking. I can choose to pick up my laptop and work from Starbucks, or a cafe, or the beach, or the lake. I can even choose to work from anyplace I travel. The World is your Oyster.

The Third Driver is to Maximize Profitability.

That means I must thoroughly go through the training and develop a strong understanding of Blogging and Affiliate Marketing as well as the other things that go along with being able to monetize my blog.

We all want to earn profits and increase our profits, so we have to be laser focused on the one thing that will earn us money and that's our Audience.

Our goal should be to make our audience happy with the content we provide for them and in finding solutions to their problems. I think it's important to over deliver on your content to the best of your ability so that your audience feels they got from your site what they were looking for and stick around forever.

So if I start working on my business every day with this intention of Time Freedom, Location Independence and Maximizing Profitability, then I have something to focus on and can use this to guide me throughout my workday.

So what are your drivers and what's your philosophy when it comes to building your business?

Here's the thing, I think it's important to get clear on your philosophy for how you want to approach your business before you actually get into designing and creating anything. Brendon Burchard always emphasizes and teaches how we need to set our intentions.

This way we can use our drivers to determine the direction our business is headed.

This isn't something I came up with, rather what I was taught by a couple of my mentors and I now apply it to every area of my life. I can already see the difference it's making in my life by having Intention that directs my life and business.

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Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks Ruby. Thais is something to think about. Appreciate your effort to help anyone willing to take the time to think about our main outlook on business.
RubyCantu Premium
Thanks Ray. I find it helps when you have intention rather than thinking it's just something you have to do.
CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
Yup you covered it all.
So true. I worked the corp. life for many decades, and raised my 3 daughters alone on a commission type business. I love the excitement of making as much as I want, but there were always the days that were not so good. Like anything you take the good with the bad. But ultimately, you force yourself to be good, and eventually be great.

I will write about my beginnings in the commission type world soon. and you will see, I am more driven now than I was at 29. I am now 61, and feel like the energy is stronger now that it was back then.

Great Post. Look forward to seeing your journey, and you seeing mine.
Much success.
RubyCantu Premium
Thanks so much Carla and I'm happy to hear that you're more focused now. Theres something about getting wiser for sure.
CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
Thank you