I Have Found My Home With Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: April 10, 2018

I have just finished Course 2 of Online Entrepreneurial Certification and on to Course 3! I actually am doing this while also going through Affiliate Bootcamp as I enjoy how both are coming together.

In Affiliate Bootcamp I'm getting ready to start Phase 2.

I am amazed at how much I've learned and accomplished by just getting up to this point. I never imagined I'd be able to do the things I've already done through Wealthy Affiliate, much less that I would be able to accomplish as much as I have with my website and content.

I do need to improve the aesthetics of my site but I know that too will come with the training and I look forward to making that happen. I learned yesterday how to capture pictures of my activities and post on my content. I don't consider myself Tech Savvy and yet I've been able to move through the training here effectively. I think what's made the difference is using SiteRubix. That site is genius! Kudos to Kyle and Carsen.

There are so many people lost out there in the marketing world trying to find a place they can call there home and attempting to finally make a mark and experience progress and success.

I'm happy to say I have found my home and I plant my flag with Wealthy Affiliate. My hope is to be able to give others hope and inspire those that are newbies or who have been struggling to make something happen. Why? Because I can relate to them. It' because of my trials and struggles that I can understand where they're coming from and I hope to use this knowledge to create warm relationships with them that they may know that there are people out there. Like this community, who truly want others to succeed.

Today I realized that it doesn't matter what it is you're trying to accomplish in the marketing world. It doesn't matter what company or program you are in. If you start off here with Wealthy Affiliate you will create the foundation needed for success and be able to scale up from there. You WILL FINALLY be able to create success in ALL your endeavors.

I think of all the money new people are spending on traffic who don't know or understand how to effectively utilize solo ads or fb ads. They find themselves frustrated losing there money in the process and not accomplishing anything. Yet, here we are taught how to do that organically before learning the paid methods.

So many people are trying to figure out how to get noticed whether it be through FB, YT, IG, Linkedin etc and yet through this training we are taught how to effectively accomplish this. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a marketing university and I wish I would have realized that years ago. We need to get out of the GET-RICH-QUICK-MENTALITY, quit expecting instant gratification and learn the true process of what it takes.

Thanks, Kyle for all the step-by-step videos you create that make every step doable and for keeping me accountable with the tasks.

I wish you all much success and have fun in the process. Every day after I accomplish what I set out to do in this training platform and on my website I celebrate.

Celebrate Your Victories,


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HazelH Premium
I am just a bit behind you in the training Ruby and I totally agree with everything you say here!

Best Wishes
RubyCantu Premium
Yea the more you accomplish the more exciting it is to see your creation unfold and your progress. Consistency is KEY.
ericcantu Premium Plus
Great job, cousin! Well written! Keep it up!
RubyCantu Premium
Thank you very much. : )
GaryHorton Premium
I felt the same way when I finally found WA!
RubyCantu Premium
Exactly people definitely need to know about this training.
RCollis Premium
Ruby, I wish merely to echoes so many others here. Very well said and well done. Enjoy the journey as it progresses.
RubyCantu Premium
Thank you. I truly am in love with the process and enjoying the journey here in WA.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Ruby, Well said and well done. Wishing you all the best, Jill
RubyCantu Premium
Thanks so much. Appreciate that. :)