3 rules to build your business by

Last Update: March 18, 2019

Rule #1. What Do People Want

Starting your own business, blazing your own entrepreneurial trail can be exciting and requires a lot of Faith. At the same time, it can seem a little daunting.

We grow up trained to go to school, get good grades, go to college and move into the corporate world. It's actually a little scary when we begin to think of being our own boss, chasing after our dreams and living life on our terms, in a way the majority are not taught to live.

Sometimes we get stuck too deep inside our own head, not able to make the next move because we don't know what the next move should be or if we're making the right decision.

In a business we have to know that there's a market for our niche. What do people want enough that they will pay us for that thing, whether it be a physical or digital product or information? This means we have to know WHO wants WHAT before we can create the content for it.

The lesson in this rule is this: you can't get stuck too deep inside your head. You have to make sure there's actually a market for your idea to create something people want.

That's something that's very valuable that Wealthy Affiliate offers to its affiliates and community. We don't have to waste time wondering what the next step is or if we're taking the right next step. We already have a roadmap created for us here. It's like a GPS. All you need to do is follow it. Everything will fall into place in its own time as you follow this roadmap, so enjoy your journey.

Rule #2. Treat Ideas Like A Hypotheses

Don't stress yourself out and put huge amounts of pressure on yourself thinking you have to know exactly what's going to work, but you can work it out.

It helps to have the mindset of a researcher. Every business idea you have and every piece of your business plan is simply a hypothesis.

Basically, its a mere assumption or guess.

What happens for most of us when we first start here with Wealthy Affiliate is we tend to get stuck with choosing our Niche. And that's okay because all of this is new to most of us. This is just a learning process.

You're blogging business is going to evolve over time, so like a researcher you test it, make course corrections. Learn to be patient and observant.

Here's where this idea really pays off: when you treat your idea or your blogging business like a hypothesis, there's no such thing as failure… there's only feedback.

It's about going through the training, execution, recording your results, repetition, making changes and trying the next test.

It's about getting better at SEO, learning how to research for the best keywords, getting better at creating content. In fact, I would say learning to Master Content writing. Learn how to market your content.

When you think about it, we really are researchers, Our job is to do research for our content. When you get into the researcher's mindset you can launch and grow and learn and adapt, turning what others call failure into feedback and stepping stones for your success.

This is what growth is all about. Growth is an Outcome that happens with challenge and insight. So learn to enjoy the process and your journey.

While your ideas are a hypothesis, Wealthy Affiliate still hands you the Roadmap to follow. Treat your ideas like a hypotheses and test them as you go along. Then make the necessary changes as your blog and business evolve.

Rule #3. You Don't Have To Do This Alone

As an independent entrepreneur, you will experience isolation and loneliness. You will experience ebbs and flows. That just goes with the territory.

That's what's one of the most amazing things about Wealthy Affiliate: Community.

Every successful entrepreneur has strong connections with other entrepreneurs.

WA is definitely a place where you get to learn from other successful entrepreneurs that have already blazed the path before you. It's a place where you receive support, insight and encouragement and create lasting relationships with people just like you, who understand you.

If you want to create a thriving, sustainable and profitable, successful business, you will need to invest in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and you Don't have to do it alone.

We are all on a beautiful learning Journey

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Sruffey Premium
I just finished a degree program in web and Graphic design at the age of 57. I accomplished this by being a good researcher and I have not been doing this. I have been promoting WA and it is tough so many members promoting WA. I need to start doing my research before I write a post, but with promoting WA I know how great the platform is and I just try to tell people why I am a member. I have bought so many products and platforms that don't hold a candle to what Kyle has put together her. Me telling visitors how great the training and support here is not working. I guess I need to read what members that are making sales and try make it my own. Please reply to my comments and tell me if you think I am thinking in the right direction. Please like my comments, thanks Sruffey.
RubyCantu Premium
I like that you share why you love WA and what it has done for you and your business. It helps to develop a picture of how we can take someone from their before state to their after state. What are they experiencing right now to what they want to experience. How do they get from point A to Point B by being a Wealthy Affiliate member.
CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
I love this. Yes, you are correct, this is what I missed when I left the last time. I know, that coming back was the best thing for me, and I know I will be successful, not alone, but with the help of some many great people here at WA.
Thanks for the reminder.
AND.... yes it does get lonely, and you begin t doubt yourself, that you may not make it because you don't know some aspects to this, but I am learning to just ASK.
RubyCantu Premium
Definitely engaging more with community and growing these relationships is very helpful. This is a work in progress for myself as well.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Thank yoh Ruby. It was good reading this today. I needed it to spur me on to the next step. Totally agree that we should never feel alone at Wealthy Affiliate.
RubyCantu Premium
Your welcome. Thank you for taking some of your precious time to read my post. I greatly appreciate it and glad i was able to help.
TeacherCandi Premium
Love how simply you put niching down...
"we have to know WHO wants WHAT"!
RubyCantu Premium
Thanks Candi :)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Ruby.
RubyCantu Premium
Thanks for taking the time to read it. Hope you got some value out of it. :)
bigrog44 Premium
No problem.