Hard work or Luck?

Last Update: September 20, 2013

Why do people consider successful people lucky? Is it because they work hard at something and don't give up (persistence) until they accomplish their dreams. Hard work & working smart will put you in a place where you can get notice. It will then give you the right opportunity to succeed even further...maybe that's the luck they are talking about.

Successful individuals like to network with successful people in which it creates more opportunity and success, that's called human nature. Why did we all join WA? To be like our founders, Mr. Kyle & Mr. Carson, and like the many others who had success.

What are your thoughts?

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Rubenchez Premium
See my website regarding Hard work or Luck. I post a page on a few inspirstional quotes regarding success..enjoy!

judebanks Premium
I find that good luck is usually the result of hard work. ~ Jude
Rubenchez Premium
Thank you. Best of luck to you.
goodie63 Premium
Hi my friend, Rubenchez that telling it like tis " is love the post and keep steppin and stay healthy Seleh the Designer