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Last Update: March 17, 2015

I admit, I was feeling like I wanted to quit WA. I found myself drifting off into different WordPress plugins and options. I didn't want to quit working toward my goals, but I was distracted. It is difficult for some people to plug away at the small things when they're so caught up with the big picture. That's me :)

For whatever reason, I decided I was going to commit to a yearly membership here. Right in the middle of cooking dinner I went to the computer and upgraded. There were a few moments of despair, I wanted a fanfare, a parade, something that made me feel like I just made the right decision. I came back to the table with my dinner to find an email. The parade I was looking for arrived.

The bonus for going to a yearly membership was a very nice one indeed. I can't say enough good things about this site and those that manage it.

If you have experienced that amazing feeling of excitement when joining this website as I have, don't let it slip away. There is no other site that offers the quality of training, ongoing support, and the community environment that WA offers in this field.

Without the environment, it is much more difficult to succeed on your own.

Thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay and everyone who contributes to making this a great place.

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MGroesbeck Premium
That is great and good luck
tomtitty006 Premium
Well done to you.Wishing you well.
Bluette Premium
I am happy for you that you found the drive to commit, it will Pay at the end, good luck
TebzaTheMan Premium
I could not agree more with you Rscahill. Thank you for sharing.
keye Premium
Seriously, Rscahill, I AM IMPRESSED!!

In my experience, not many people commit themselves enough time to succeed online. Many thinks they can succeed with a "push-button" gimmick and earn big cash overnight...

However, Rscahill, you've proved that you are SERIOUS about this affiliate marketing business. You are willing to put in the time and effort to ALLOW success come in! Therefore, I am really thrilled by your decision to grab the yearly premium membership!

Let us know how things going every now and then and share YOUR SUCCESS STORY!! :D

Rscahill Premium
Thanks for the comment. Committment to WA was a good decision and my outlook has changed greatly just by pressing the button.
keye Premium
Awesome buddy, keep the momentum on! :D