When the Ideas Are Flowing Make a List

Last Update: February 23, 2015

I so wanted to get 2 or 3 articles written today. I woke up and came straight to WA as I usually do. After a half cup of coffee I was up and getting involved in the community. It was especially nice having the opportunity to help someone out with their web page today. There is no better reward in life than to know that you made someone else happy.

Before I knew it I had to get going to my regular job, this was no problem as I was in a great mood after my morning WA adventures. I knocked out the hard stuff for the day and ran out of steam. Luckily I'm the boss so I took a nap on the couch in my office before the next round of activities were to begin. The remainder of the evening was quite loud, Led Zeppelin songs being performed at concert volumes, as Led Zeppelin sounds best. I spent some time here clicking around but was not in the environment to get work done. A couple of hours passed and "Ahhh..time to go home"

I get home, open the door, set my things down and head straight for the computer. My plan was to complete one article, just one. I sit down, think about what I wanted to write, nothing. I had nothing so bad that I wrote what is probably, not possibly, the worst copy ad in marketing history. No I am not showing you :)

Some days the juices flow and thirteen ideas come in half an hour. This is a good time to write down the ideas. I learned this valuable lesson today. Next time I have those thirteen ideas they are getting put into a list. Then the next time I got nothing, I am headed straight to that list and be inspired by one of those exciting ideas once had.

All in all, today was a good day. Tomorrow I will start again.

Thanks to everyone here for being awesome.

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MsDebbie Premium
You're welcome!
LisB247 Premium
That can happen a lot of the time when you have other things on your mind. Making a list of ideas is something that I always do because as you said it keeps you focused, inspired and motivated.

All the best.
floridajf Premium
Great, it is definitely a good idea to write down those ideas when your creative juices are flowing, you are definitely doing yourself a ton of good here :) Also thanks for helping out others, that it one thing that makes this community so special and one of a kind, the fact that we aid each other when we are stuck. You are definitely very humble, and don't worry in no time you will have an amazing article to write about :D