Wealthy Affiliate:Motivation for Beginners

Last Update: February 20, 2015

A Beginner Can Learn Internet Marketing

Congrats! You have made the first step by joining the community. As a beginner in affiliate marketing it can look like a steep mountain which is impossible to climb. You look up feeling small and fragile, like you know nothing and have no idea where to start climbing. There is hope and a path. Just being here you become part of the pack.

Why Internet Marketers Succeed

The first and foremost reason an affiliate marketer succeeds is because they don't quit. You can't win if you don't play and you won't succeed if you quit. The second reason affiliate marketers succeed is because they network. Everyone in affiliate marketing needs others that they can share their work, bounce ideas to, get feedback, and most importantly to receive motivation.

When you see a single opportunity to be motivated, take it. It is yours and you should make this a practice.

How a Beginner Becomes a Performer

Any performance based business is just like owning your own business. You are the one responsible for your own destiny. You are given the tools from those who have the experience. You place yourself in the environment filled with opportunity. Lastly you take action by implementing the tools while recognizing the opportunity available to you.

What If You Fail?

You will!

Failure is a part of any new experience. Everyone has failed at something in their life. The question is do you give up and continue to name it a failure?

Or are you going to see that mistakes you make are opportunities to grow and get it right?

Make the choice, use the community to help you up the ladder, make some friends along the way, and accomplish your goals.

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DLilly Premium
Great stuff there, Rs. I completely agree. Reminds me of the Dylan line "...there’s no success like failure
And that failure’s no success at all." That used to really confuse me, but I understand it now.
jtb527 Premium
Exactly my opionion. Great post :-)
bsmith1222 Premium
Good job. Just keep the steady course here and you will do great!
mylife87 Premium
That's great motivation. I don't want to say I'll have failure though. I may back-step, but just as long as I don't quit, I haven't failed.
floridajf Premium
So true, failure is definitely going to be a part of your journey here at WA, it is definitely inevitable, and you kind of need it to learn and build off of. Really like you post, thought it was very helpful :)