Premium Membership: "Leap and the net will appear!"

Last Update: January 09, 2017

John Burroughs is credited with saying, "Leap and the net will appear". While this seems a very "Zen" thing to say, this quote is often mistakenly credited as a line from Zen philosophy. Regardless of who said it... it is truly brilliant when you consider the deeper meaning. I interpret this quote to mean that if you truly believe in a specific action and you have faith in your rationale for that action then; you should actually... ACT! Go for it! Have faith that the universe will conspire to ensure your success and confirm your belief.

Fear can be a great motivator or a monstrous distraction. The decision to "leap" doesn't mean that you have eliminated your fear. It does however indicate that your belief in yourself, your vision, your project, and ultimately your dream actually surpasses your fear thus enabling you to move forward.

Believe it or not, I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate program just this afternoon. I opened the website to find a very generous offer to join the program for free. Despite zero investment in my new "business", I would be provided access to a number of tools and resources to help me create a fantastic website with earning potential without any financial risk whatsoever on my part. Sounds great doesn't it? Shouldn't I just use the free program for as long as I can and simply test the waters first. That certainly seems to be the reasonable approach right?

I browsed through some of the initial instructional literature, videos, forums, and blogs on the site and it was then that I began to get really excited. Hey man, this may actually work! What I found was that the Starter Program, substantial as it is, was not nearly as robust as the Premium Membership. It became clear that the Premium Membership doubled down on tools and resources designed to foster my achievement. I wasn't halfway through the Premium Membership description that I began hearing this little voice in my head saying, "Leap". As I drilled down into every word of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member Program the more tools and resources I found. Each available to drive my business success that were not available to free members. "Leap!'

There's that voice again only much louder and more emphatic. The choice for me became as clear as that voice in my head. I knew that I had to become a premium member and go all out. This is my business! This is my future! There is no half-way approach here that is going to help me reach my goals. So... I simply jumped! I took that leap before even finishing the instructional courses, defining my niche, or designing my first website. I had seen enough. It was time for me and the "universe" to get together and make this happen. Time for my dreams to become a reality.

Now that I have made the commitment and become a Premium Member, belief has passed up fear and hesitation and left them in the distant past. Now that I have taken the leap, I see the net already forming around me. I see a net comprised of my own will and perseverance, supported by outstanding technical resources via Wealthy Affiliate, and motivated, challenged, and inspired by a huge network of like minded, fearless members driven to achieve their goals and willing to share the twists and turns of this journey.

It is with great determination, discipline, and anticipation that I move forward. I plan to use every tool, resource, and contact available to me at Wealthy Affiliate through Premier Membership to ensure my success. To all my friends investigating the Wealthy Affiliate program I wish you all the success in the world. Be bold! Be daring! See you in the net!

Yours in Success,


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IveTriedThat Premium
This is a fantastic first post Rick and congratulations making that leap. If you can continue to put out quality of this level on your websites, you will have no problems here.
tumelom03 Premium
Nice one Rick. You've taken a leap in the right direction. The wealth of education and resources will propel you further than you ever expected. Just soak it up and apply it.

Congratulations on going premium ;-)
RRayome Premium
Thank you Tumelo. I can tell from your profile that you have great writing skills. I have never written a blog before and your postive affirmation is a great encouragement to me. Thanks for sharing your counsel. Keep going strong my friend!
tumelom03 Premium
Thank you brother. I've followed you. Please do feel free to pop me a question if you need any help.