I wrote 31 articles in 31 days!

Last Update: February 01, 2020

Hey all, I did manage to get 31 articles written in the 31 days of January! I didn't get them all posted, but that should happen in a day or two. I'm pretty excited that I accomplished this. It was HARD work!

Goals for February: I want to write twenty articles. I wish I could keep up the one-per-day pace, but I neglect so many other things by doing that. In order to keep the quality of my content up where I want it, I will cut back in February.

I want to get some more advertising and affiliate work done on one of my niches. I intend, in February, to work on Adsense and Adsense alternatives, and see if ClickBank has anything to offer that relates to my existing sites. Also, since I am really liking the Pinterest platform, I am looking to do more work with that. I have not made videos yet either, and am thinking I need to learn how to do it, for I have specific ideas for that.

I have 118 articles published, not counting those I've posted here, and nearly 190K words. I have one website running 1000 visitors over 90 day period, and the other running a consistent 400 over 90 days. I have well over 40 articles indexed in Google. I post every article on my YouTube discussions board, and also post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin. I have been told that my websites look great and to just keep doing what I'm doing.

I am working hard, harder than I ever worked before, and I just need all this work to pay off! It's kind of frustrating that this much work hasn't gotten me any monetary reward. I mean, the life lessons are great, but life lessons don't pay the mortgage.

Anyway, I guess I will take some advice from Mrs. Quitcherbitchen, and get my February goal sheet completed, and keep working, just keep working.

Thank you all again and again, for your support and encouragement. The community here helps a lot.


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FeruzKamis Premium
Hey! Rhonda.
That is pure hard work there.
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a party pooper or smart alex but with 118 published articles, 40 of which are indexed by Google, 1400 visitors over 3 months and yet you are not seeing the money, is there something missing in your method?
If there's someone here who can help, please enlighten us. This kind of effort should not have returned zero income. It just doesn't make sense.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
It depends on the niche whether or not she has a return. I wouldn't expect any return in the make money online niche with that content although it is definitely going in the right direction
roxydog1312 Premium
I have asked that question a lot myself. All my affiliate links work, as far as I can tell. So, I don't know. I guess I wait and see like everyone says I should.
JasonKang Premium
Hi, Rhonda.
Your achievement is truly amazing and impressive.
I never thought 31 articles in a month is possible.
Making full use of SNS is also what I need to learn from you.
Your hard-work will be rewarded more in the future.
Hope you keep working hard on it.
Wish you all the best.
roxydog1312 Premium
Good, I'm glad to hear that 31 posts in a month is extraordinary. I did the math from some of the training, and they said 12 posts per month, so I figured with my two sites, 24 was reasonable. Kyle wants us to post here on the WA forum as well, so there's another 7, if I post once or twice a week. I figured that's what everyone was doing....so now I feel better if I don't post so much.

I didn't do much else, that's for sure!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Pretty darned good, Rhonda!👍👍😎
WilsonP Premium
I applaud you for the amount of work you put in in January.
Good Luck for your February goals.