My First Earning as an Amazon Associate

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Hello Everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate,

At first, I was hesitant to share this with all of you but I've decided as it may help other new members understand Amazon better.

Especially those outside the US, Canada, UK, Australia, select EU territories, and other select Asian countries where Amazon has business hub/centers.

So, this is my first payment (commission for my first website) received from Amazon in Gift Card form.

It has been delayed actually because of the payment limitations based on my location.

Why I Opted for Amazon Gift Card

Those who are not familiar with... Amazon has the following payment method.

  1. Cheque
  2. Direct Deposit
  3. Gift Card

When applying as an associate for the first time you need to complete a form wherein you are asked about what type of payment method you prefer.

So, I selected a Cheque as a form of payment because I'm not qualified for Direct Deposit.

Not realizing that the cheque payment method only applies to US residents.


I stand corrected about the payment by cheque.

Cheque payment is still offered to "ALL" Associates including non-US residents.

See quoted message below...

"If your billing address is in the U.S. and you have selected to receive payment by check, we deduct a $15 processing fee from each check we send. (This charge does not apply to Associates with non-U.S. billing addresses, as direct deposit is not available to them.)"

I have also reached out to associate support via live chat to clarify this.

So, as it appears I got it wrong. I thought they have delayed my payments, on the contrary, they mailed my first payment by check end of May but it will take 6 weeks before I could receive it. Below is my full live chat with associate support.

Anyhow, I will first keep the payment to Gift Cards until I have gotten hold of the check and if it can be accepted here at the local banks. As I have no idea about the bank policy on depositing foreign-issued cheques.

Anyways, Amazon(dot)com Gift cards have no expiration!

BUT it has its limitations... it can't be transferred to another account, cannot exchange with cash, cannot use to buy another gift card, cannot be used to purchase products on another amazon (uk, de, ca, fr, es, it, jp, or other websites operated by amazon(dot)com).

This is a Proof That WA Works

I also would like to share this experience, especially with the new members that the Wealthy Affiliate platform works.

This is the result when I took action and followed the training!

I know that this is a small amount but still, I count this as a success for my nine-month-old website.

So far for June, it has received 10 orders and shipped 9 items already.

Final Thoughts

As I have corrected my first statement, check payment is offered to ALL Associates including non-US residents.

And based on my location it will take six weeks before I could receive any payment by check.

For the time being, I'll continue with amazon until I find an affiliate program that is good for my niche and has a more flexible payment method based on my location.

To Our Success!


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Good morning Rowe,

Thank you for your very encouraging blog post, I'm sure many members will find it very helpful. Especially members that are just starting out.

It's great that you are making some commissions which proves that the system works! It's amazing what we can do when we put our mind to something good!

It's interesting about the Amazon gift card. I was aware that people in certain parts of the world struggle with some types of affiliate programs regarding being eligible etc. It looks like you have found a way around it, which is fantastic!

Wishing you a great day and many more sales.


Thanks a lot, Roy, and all the best to you as well!


My pleasure, Rowe!


Brilliant, nice work Rowe!!

Thank you very much, Kyle.

I am grateful I found WA...

Thanks for all the hard work you put in, and for keeping us motivated. You and Carson and the rest of the WA community.

i take it amazon have changed it so that cheques cannot be sent to addresses outside of the US...
when i first started with amazon us i selected cheque and got one sent to the uk...took a couple of weeks to come through...and the bank took their cut when depositing...
now i use direct deposit without issue.....
but glad it is working for you Rowe

Thanks very much, Phil.

Direct deposit is a very nice option IMO and lucky are those who are residing in major countries/cities.

I stand corrected, cheque payment is still offered to all associates.

But for the time being, I'm cool with the Gift Cards.


Congratulations Rowe.
Keep up the great work :-)

Thank you, Lisa... still have a lot to learn but I am hopeful I can be better at writing content as I move forward.

You are doing a fantastic job, I'm so pleased for you my friend :-)

Well done Rowe!
Keep reaching for the skies
Congratulations and wishing you many, more successes to come

Thank you very much Simone... and for all the help and encouragements.

You're always welcome, Rowe ;)

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