Celebrating My First Year at Wealthy Affiliate

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Hello Everyone here at WA,

So today marks my first year since I subscribed as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Firstly, I would like to thank Roope for bringing me here.

Secondly, thanks to Kyle and Carson for creating this platform that allows people who want to try and build an online business.

And thirdly, a big thanks to the whole WA community, especially all the members who have helped me one way or another as I navigated through the training and lessons.

The Turning Point

It was that day when I finally decided to quit my day job and be 100% focused on my daughter as we battle her depression.

It was a difficult decision but my daughter's health will always come first.

Not to take anything for granted, we've sought professional intervention which helped us a lot in controlling her lowest points.

During those tumultuous days, it tested my patience even more... but she needs our full support and understanding, therefore, I cannot just give up on her.

To keep my thoughts from wandering, I need to do something that will keep me busy. So I always tried browsing the internet to find something I can work on while at home.

Then one day I came across Roope's youtube video that sent me here... and the rest, as they would say, is now history.

After about two years, my daughter has slowly improved and got back her self-confidence.

One thing I'm also thankful for is that she managed to keep going and not be left out of school.

The Early Struggles

Since I have really no idea what Affiliate Marketing is, it was a bit of a challenge for me in the early stages.

But by following the step-by-step training and some guidance from Roope and timely help from the community, I slowly acclimatized myself.

Although I did not post any direct questions, I used other members' questions to solve my own problems as well as using the search button to find pieces of training on particular issues.

To date, my struggle remains with how to write consistently and faster...

Though I still prefer to work according to my own pace and not use it as an excuse or I'm just lying to myself that I do love to procrastinate?

That's for me to answer, I know.

Some Small Wins

In my first year here at WA, I was able to build two sites and I'm very satisfied with the outcome.

Although much of my content has not been indexed especially in Google, I do have contents that are on page 1 for both my websites.

For my older website, I have one article using ParthaB's method which is ranking on Google's page 1 that has attributed to 1 click (thanks ParthaB for sharing your knowledge free of charge). It started somewhere in the middle but it was pushed to the bottom and on the brink of being pushed to page 2 when I checked yesterday, but I'm not really worried.

While on the other hand, I have one article using Jaaxy that is on Google page 1 too for my newer website (although on this particular website the traffic is still low).

Applying for an affiliate program has been the most challenging and got denied by many... but I strategically applied for Amazon Associate (last) as I build more content. When I got approved the goal is to produce three sales, surprisingly I was able to do so ahead of the deadline.

From January to August 2022 I have accumulated sales (all coming from my older website) of over $6K with one refund which happened to be the most expensive item.

And this is my first commission check mailed on May 29 but only arrived at my address third week of August, so it took about 12 weeks (which is too long).

Anyways, the good thing is that I can receive it if the payment is by check (because at first, I thought I can't request payment by check because of my location)

Final Thoughts

If I did not take action when I saw Roope's video a year ago I won't be here, BUT I'm glad I did.

And I'm thankful for finding Wealthy Affiliate because I have now my own so-called online business.

For all starters/new members out there, just stick with the process - follow the training and complete every given task because those are going to prepare you for the much-needed work ahead (which is to continuously produce content for your website).

I don't consider myself close to being successful but I'm trying to become one (someday)!

And one thing I'm very clear about now is that the system works!

So that's all from me and thank you for reading.

To our more years here at WA.


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Congratulations on your first year! And thanks so much for being transparent with your personal story about your daughter and experience with WA Affiliate. I'm just starting my day and just decided to take a peek at a few posts and by far your story has been the most edifying and inspirational to me this morning. You are definitely a guiding light of hope and inspirational to others. Thank you!

Thanks a lot, Brigette, and welcome to WA.
I wish you every success on your online journey.


If you have a depression attack its only because you have low blood sugar, take a half a teaspoon of sugar in a glass of warm water and drink it in 20 secs you will be normal. Sugar activates your l'tryptophane vitamin in your brain and it’s like morphine to your brain and will make the depression disappear.
Now when you have depression it’s because your thinking about negativities carry around a multiplication table sheet of paper, trigonometry, the minute you feel any kind of depression coming on you pull out this mathematics and you start doing math problems and what happens there is your mind, your left brain shuts down your right brain starts working to solve a math problem and whatever chemistry is generated through a depression will completely disappear in 5 secs and your be normal because no one’s ever gone to war over a math problem in the history of mankind because math can be solved frontwards and backwards so the mind does not look at that as being challenging it’s just zero one zero one its syntax for the mind like a computer. A computer doesn’t have emotions it’s just looking for correctness so when you start doing math problems and you know that your doing it correct, one you won’t feel any depression, your brain won’t suffer any chemical reaction from depression and even if you did this mentally so 2 x2 is 4 4x4 = 16 16 x 16 = 164. 2 4 6 8 you know you start counting numbers or you do the multiple of 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 1028 2048 it’s a arithmetic mathematical procedure that will shut down your emotions completely
I hope this helps your daughter.


This is interesting Leon, thank you for sharing.
Will try this method when the need arises.


When somebody experiences this with the maths, it is transformative. I've had people crying stood in front of me and got them doing maths and their face changed from sadness to Joy. That was so incredible to see that. The above was taught to me by the DAVID-WYNN: MILLER. (rip).

Congratz Rowe, on your first year anniversary at Wealthy Affeliate, looks like you're started gaining this game.


Thank you Isabelo.

Gaining a new skill (like building a website) is much more valuable in my opinion because it's the foundation. The money that comes along with it is just a bonus.

Keep on pushing and wish you success on this journey. All the best!


Congrats Rowe and thank you so much for sharing your story!

It's awesome to have you here in the WA community. You're a blessing for all of us!

Thanks a lot, Roope, it's been a great one-year learning different things, and thanks for your guidance.


Hi Rowe,

Congrats on making it to one year at Wealthy Affiliate! It sounds like you've had some small wins here and there.

I'm sorry to hear about your personal struggles (regarding your daughter). But what you're doing now should be a good reason to help achieve your personal goals.

Providing more or something better for your family is very common for people to start a business. So your intentions are reasonable, and I support them.

Kudos again. At this point, keep going and don't give up. If you stick to it and be consistent, great things will come down the road.

Wishing you all the best :)



Thanks very much, Eric.

Yeah, I need to work on consistency if I need better results and this is one of my goals this year (cross-fingers).


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