6 Months in Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Mar 8, 2022

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Hello Everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate,

This is just a quick post update on my progress here at WA.

I was drafting an article when a message popped up telling me that I have just earned a Dedication Badge... so I better also share where am I now with this journey.

As you can see, today is my 6th month in WA.

How time flies...

What have I accomplished in 6 months?

I came here as a real newbie to Affiliate Marketing but after 6 challenging months, I have now acclimatized to the rigors of being an affiliate marketer.

I have built two websites to date!

And I'm quite satisfied with what I have built so far.

My first Website

My first website is a hobby niche website.

Until today I have published 35 posts (plus 1 currently being drafted) and 5 pages.

Through this website, I was able to achieve become an Amazon Associate.

This month alone I've made 8 sales although the commission is not that much, still, those were Sales.

My biggest commission garnered was with my first four sales happened last January and February. Although one item was returned and thus a deducted commission.

However, I'm confident that there will be more sales to come!

My Second Website

My second website is a knowledge niche website.

I bought my domain last November 2021 but only started building last Jan.2022

My domain was not indexed until the end of Feb as I can recall. So, I just move on and created content as also suggested by Kyle and other senior members here to just move forward as indexing will come later.

Currently, I have published 7posts and 6pages.

My goal is to also give this website 6 months to 1 year and see what will happen.

Firstly, I'm focused on publishing all informational content as what is being driven and suggested in all the training here. Then apply for an affiliate program then start some product reviews.

So far I am well pleased with how this website is turning out to be.

Final Thoughts

I have made it through the ups and downs so far during these short six months.

'til now, I still struggle at times. Just scrolling and not being productive.

I knew that those are wasted time if not converted to articles but it just happening.

I'm trying my best to be as much as productive as possible.

And I know why I am here in WA... To be a Successful Online Entrepreneur!

As a parting, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have helped me with my journey.

To Our Success!


Recent Comments


Awesome progress thus far! Keep going and I can’t wait to see your 12 month report!

With age comes authority and even better rankings and traffic! Keep pushing forward. :)

Thank you, Lisa.. Yeah, I guess it's too early for me to demand the first page... there are just too many big names (websites) for both my niches but I'll see... meantine, yeah just need to push forward.

Very well done so far, Rowe! Happy 6 Month WAnniversary, my friend!


Thanks a lot, Jeff. I knew myself is kinda late bloomer lol.. so I'm expecting to pick things up at later stage... especially once I have completed the training which currently I'm on Level 5. five more lessons and I can finish the training.

Then I can spend more time digesting all available info about keyword research and writing articles with the intent to rank in google. The last time I check i have articles in deeper pages but now non-existent. Good thing that my social media is keeping my two websites relevant .

You are doing well considering the short time at WA. Keep doing what you're doing and more will come your way. Persevere and be consistent. Best wishes to you.

Thank you Helen. All the best.

Congratulations! :) on your progress :) I am following you

Thanks, Lara appreciate it... I have followed back.

Happy 6-months Anniversary, Rowe!

Awesome accomplishments, so happy for you!

Thank you Abie and for the unending support. Appreciated.

You're very welcome.

And it is passion, I have a genuine interest in helping others.

After all, we are in the business of helping vs selling or promoting. Hope you do agree!

Rowe, you'll do really well.

100% agree Abie... thanks for your selflessness.

Much obliged, Rowe. Highly appreciated.

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