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Now that I have been retired and on social security, which by the way is neither social or secure. Just look at how they keep changing the requirements. I get the same amount per month now as I did when I first got a job 25 years ago. The only difference is I don't have to pay taxes on it..Yeah, "but you get cost of living adjustments every year", you might say.. In the six years I have been getting social security, I have only gotten three cost of living raises, two for 1% and this year 2%.. B
This another milestone in the journey to success and thank all of you for helping me get to this point.And if you would not mind helping me a little more, could leave comments or suggestions on my website (not looks but the post info please, it is a work in progress thing) and my first Blog is fun learning lots of stuffThanks for the help
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You might think that is a strange statement to make in this day and age.Since I grew up in the 1960's and graduating college in 1972, social networking has a different meaning. When we networked, it was at school dances and we actually touched the other partner and really talked to each other face to face, not in a 'book' as you young people do now. But we also did what young adults do now, if you get my drift. 'Drift' has a different meaning now also, back then it meant, "doing other then what