H¡gh level of r¡sk. Your account has been hacked. Change yøur passwørd.

Last Update: Jul 2, 2021

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This was the title of a bothering email I received this morning...

At first I was, "Oh NO!!! How did it happen?"... *** PANIC attack***...

But then... as I read the content I already know it's a big B*****IT!!! Though it got my nerves for a while... coz it mentioned about his spying my activities online and him having my private info etc.


I am sorry to inform you that your device was compromised.

I'll explain what led to all of this. I have used a Zero Day vulnerability with a special code to infect your device through a website.
This is a complicated software that requires precise skills that I have. It works as a chain with specially crafted and unique code and that’s why this type of an attack can go undetected.
You only need one not patched vulnerability to be infected, and unfortunately for you – it works that simple.

You were not targeted specifically, but just became one of the quite a few unlucky people who got hacked that day.
All of this happened a few month ago. So I’ve had time to collect information on you.

I think you already know what is going to happen next.
During that time, my software was quietly collecting information about your habits, websites that you visit, searches you do, texts you send.
There is more to it, but I have listed a few reasons for you to understand how serious this is.

For you to clearly understand, my software controlled your camera and microphone as well and it was impossible for you to know about it.
It was just about right timing for me to get you privacy violated.

I’ve been waiting enough and have decided that it’s time to put an end to this.
So here is my offer. Let’s name this a “consulting fee” I need to delete the media content I have been collecting.
Your privacy stays untouched, if I get the payment.
Otherwise, I will leak the most damaging content to your contacts and post it to a public tube for perverts to explore.

I understand how damaging this will be for you, and amount is not that big for you to keep your privacy.
Please dont blame me – we all have different ways of making a living.

I have no intention of destroying your reputation or life, but only if I get paid.
I don’t care about you personally, that's why you can be sure that all files I have and software on your device will be deleted immediately after I receive the transfer.
I only care about getting paid.

My modest consulting fee is 1650 US Dollars transferred in Bitcoin. Exchange rate at the time of the transfer.
You need to send that amount to this wallet: 1NGCsGqSdNEKpptQ4DKbJEva59cTSk369o

The fee is non negotiable, to be transferred within 2 business days.
We use Bitcoin to protect my identity.

Obviously do not try to ask for any help from anybody unless you want your privacy to violated.
I will monitor your every move until I get paid. If you keep your end of the agreement, you wont hear from me ever again.

Take care.

As of posting, I ALREADY DELETED this email and hope that none of such kind will make its way to my mail again...

I KNOW HACKING IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE... But I don't use my device cam and mic online nor am I in the habit of posting personal photos and info in social media... So I think I AM QUITE SAFE from those threaths... AM I RIGHT? WHAT DO YOU THINK?



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Thank you for the post. I haven't received that email. I have had two others. One said I had purchased Norton anti virus because of an auto renewal, and if I wanted to take the charged off I had to call a phone number. When I called, they wanted to load , "Team Viewer" on my computer. That meant they ncould see my computer.
Asecond said it was from Office Depot, and they wanted me to complete a survey about my purchase on June 17. I had not been to Office Depot for a few years. I called my credit card co. No purchases. I deleted it. Scmmers are finding new ways to try to scam us.

Contact the FBI and pray they care. I had all my ID ripped off of my computer. I was very upset; I have already encountered major ID theft. Took me years to straighten it out. Personally, I DO think this technology exists; it is frightening. I would report it to the FBI; they are at this moment working hard on counter-terrorism efforts; I am a member on their site. Anyone can be. :) Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep up with; you can also get a complete suite to prevent problem. There are "pro" services that can guard your computer; it cost me $500.00/year, but it was worth it; no trouble.:)

It looks like a scam - you did the right thing.

I did once
I never bat an eyelid
Automatically deleted it and continued my activity
People need to find better things to do with their minds and time

Rose, I'm glad you delete it and you're ok
Thank you for sharing

That's right Samone. We are her to work hard and have lil fun while we're at it. Hey Role Model,, I'm at 217 and got a paycheck lol

I sensed it was a scam when I noticed there was no mention of which account got hacked so I just deleted it after sharing here 😅

Thank you for sharing you experience, Simone!

Check it out next week. It will decrease
You're on your way up

No worries, Rose
Glad you're ok

That's awesome Lisa! Hard work pays!~^

I don't know why I had this urge to be in top 200. Then I'll be satisfied. I'm easy to please lol

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