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Last Update: January 14, 2019

What features do starter members have access to?

I have noticed a lot of comments recently from starter members not sure what they have access to if they choose to stay at starter level for now. I realize that not everyone can afford to join as premium.

In a recent review online I found a number of ex-members had left comments. These people either chose not to upgrade and left feeling unhappy because they did not know all the features of starter membership, or upgraded and still had no idea how to use this website.

Many only dipped their toes into the world of Wealthy Affiliate, they did not find all the features that it has.

I have written this post to help you find so much more within this website, even if you are still at the starter level. In doing so I found things that I did not know from being a member for over a year......

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. You must put in time and effort just like you would an ordinary business. In the premium training, you are taught something then told to add a blog post using this new skill. As a starter, you have a website all ready to go. Just start writing about things. You can always improve later, it is all about getting a start.

There are a million ways to bake a cake, you just need to find the correct learning curve to help you along the way. Does Wealthy Affiliate have the answer to every question? Only if you ask it..

All members can ask questions. It does not have to only be at the base of the training section you are on. Ask a question in the search bar at the top of the desktop. You may find answers but if not, scroll down a popup will occur which says "can't find the answer, ask here".

So aside from the first section of the Certification and Affiliate training do starter members have access to?

I recommend that you stop what you are doing, unless it is important, and look around and see what you will be able to do when you are looking for an answer.

Firstly you can follow up to 200 people. Your profile will show Kyle, Carson and your sponsor.

A tip from Tony Hamilton, in his training video here. I have made this item 1 below.

This is what I recommend that you do as a part of your training schedule.

1. Go your rank number in your profile and click as Tony shows in the video, then follow the top 100 or so people that the list provides. This means you will be able to easily access blog posts and trainings of the top performers here at the click of a button. Don't worry at this stage about joining anyone other than those who can provide you with quality information.

2. Play around with the tabs on the left hand side of the page (on desktop). Fill in your profile. Don't worry about trying to do everything, just start learning. Later you will find training on how to write blogs in here and everything else.

3. Go to training.

(a) You will see the Certification Course, you can do level one in which teaches you basically how to set up a website.

(b) Look at the Affiliate Bootcamp, you can do level one which teaches you the basics of setting a website for affiliate marketing, if this is what you want to do.

c) The fourth tab is training HQ. Some training is premium only, but you will be able to see some extra training here. Premium members can add training to help on any subject related to website building and promoting. Even things like building social media followings. You can access some tutorials and videos, but not the courses (which are the premium area)

4. Go to Live Events. This is a member only area, but it will give you a glimpse into what will be available if you choose to become a Premium member. You will immediately see the most recent but if you go to past in the top header, you can go back and see some previous events as well.

5. Blog posts of members. If you did step 1 above, you will be able to click on those you follow and see their individual blog posts and trainings (if they have made the trainings public). Go to your profile at the top left and click on the number under the word network. You will see all those you are following, simply click on their picture.

6. Dashboard. Here you will see everything as it is happening in real time. You will only have access to the live chat for 7 days, but you will see the new blog posts and questions as they arise. You will see people's posts but you will not be able to reply.

7. Use search. Type in a couple of words in search and you will see blogs with this in the heading. Often extra training is supplied by members and this can help you find answers.

7. Play around with every button or tab that you can see. Find out what they are and what they do. Don't be scared. You won't break the website by looking around.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of people all helping each other. There is a moto of pay it forward, not what is in it for me. Yes you will learn some things as a starter member, but when you can afford it, the premium membership offers so much more. Many people who don't succeed, simply do not put in the time and effort. Every business needs it's proprietor to hit the ground running or it won't get off the ground. Online is exactly the same as bricks and mortar - you just have a wider audience.

Not everything is free. Ok would you go to work and not get paid? Why should the founders not get paid to host a website, create content, provide a help centre for when you do get into strife, and provide a community where we can all learn from each other. They are providing a great service.

You can stay a starter member for as long as you need, as long as you participate. If you come on once a year and expect to have a spot kept open for you, dream on. If you do the training, continue to learn, write blog posts and search around the website then the team know you are still active. Many starters do not participate then wake up one morning, go online and wonder why they have been deemed inactive. There are hundreds of thousands of people who start to do something, then do not continue. One has to guess whether or not they will ever return. I am guessing that many will also join Wealthy Affiliate and do the same so please think like a service provider. You can only continue to provide a service to those are around to participate.

Be active and continue to grow and learn.

I hope this helps not only starter members to get an idea of what the Wealthy Affiliate community is all about, but helps premium members realize that this is not just a training program but a community of like-minded people. Join in.

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Thank you RoseAnn for this great post.
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Glad you enjoyed it and hope that as a new premium member it gives you a lot of extra value.
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Hi Rose, it did.
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Great post, thanks for the info! :)
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You are welcome.
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Great post! Thank you for sharing.

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Glad you found it helpful.
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Hi....this was very well written with good information for starters. I'm going to bookmark it for any new referrals. Thanks.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
I try not to self promote, but have also been sending it to new premium members and new starter members when I find them. I will now also do so for people asking questions. I just hope all the information is correct but as no-one has shouted me down I guess I can't be too far wrong.
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Thanks for sharing.
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Happy to do so.