If You Are A Fiverr Affiliate Do Not Install Their Search Box Plugin

Last Update: July 19, 2020

Hey WA fam, this is a quick post to inform you that Fiverr affiliate program has released a new plugin which is supposed to make it possible for people to search services using a search box widget on your website.

The search box is in form of a plugin, which you are supposed to install, activate and then edit to add your affiliate id, after that you are to drag it and add it to a widget, then place the widget either on your side bar or wherever you like.

Now, even though the idea is really cool and can lead to lots of sales, the plugin is fairly new and I think it needs lots of work before it can function properly without interfering with other plugins.

As soon as you install the Fiverr, search box plugin, Yoast SEO plugin will not work anymore, you will not be able to add keywords meta descriptions, or any type of SEO on your blog posts.

So, if you are an affiliate of Fiverr, just give the search box plugin some time and let them work on it some more, then maybe later it will function properly but for now, its not working well with other plugins.


The Fiverr Search Box is a great idea because it gives the visitor a chance to search fivver right within your website, which increases the chances of making sales, but as I mentioned, a lot still need to be done.

Well, I just wanted to let you know about this so you don't encounter trouble.

Thank you for your time


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FiverrAff Premium
Hi Ropesa,
It's Idan from Fiverr Affiliates here!

I was happy to see that you liked the concept of our Search Box plugin. We put a lot of efforts to make it a reality.

When we launched our plugin we received some feedback from our affiliate community about the Yoast plugin issue, and I'm happy to say that since July 19th this issue was fixed.

I recommend you all to update the plugin and use it again, hopefully there would be no issues this time!
LMH1968 Premium
Thank you very much for the great advice
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome.
Dorrie1 Premium
Thank You for the information
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome
lesabre Premium
Hi Rose, thank you for sharing this information. Much appreciated.

All the best,
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome Michael
lhall1966 Premium
Thank you for the "heads up." I hadn't gotten around to installing it yet so I'm very appreciative of this information!

Ropesa Premium
You are welcome Lisa, The plugin needs more work. so maybe later you can install it.