Making Money Online vs "old-fashioned path"

Last Update: January 08, 2021

A lot of people still go through the old-fashioned path:

  • 9 years of compulsory school.
  • 3 years of high school.
  • 3-6 years of university.

In total, that's 15-18 years of studying.

Still, a big part of those people who study 15-18 years end up unemployed or working in entry-level jobs.

Even if you'd study to become a doctor, lawyer or another profession that's considered "high-income" after school you'll still need to do the basic work. After many years you can do specialized high-level stuff.

From the time of starting school, it'll take probably 25 years of studying and learning in total to start doing highly specialized work...

Education > School System

I'm all for education.

I love studying. I love learning.

But I don't enjoy wasting time studying useless stuff that I'll never need in life.

Perhaps you feel the same.

You love learning things that are important to your life.

Making Money Online = Fastlane?

How many millionaires come out of school after studying for 15-18 years?



In fact, many graduates have lots of debt after studying for 15+ years.

What about 15 years of building an online business?

You'd be so much ahead of those who went through the "old-fashioned path".

Many people who have built businesses online for 15+ years rather than doing the old-fashioned path are now millionaires.

Of course, dollars aren't the only value that matters.

What about the contribution to other people?

When someone is a full-time student, he isn't contributing very much to others. It's more like an extra long preparation period.

On the other hand, when you're building a business, your primary goal is to solve people's problems and provide value.

If you want to make money faster and provide value to others, making money online is generally a much faster path than an ordinary school system.

Choose Wisely!

Some people still go through a normal path (=15-18 years of school => Entry-level jobs, etc.)

Most people do go to all kinds of old-fashioned schools because they're either misinformed or uninformed = They don't know about the opportunities of making money online.

That's also the reason why I went through the normal path originally. If I would have known about the opportunities of making money online, I would have started much faster.

If hypothetically, I would work this year 2021 full-time on jobs that match my Bachelor's degree, I would still earn less working full-time than I earn automatically from the Internet since I've built multiple income streams.

I wish that I had found "make money online opportunities" much earlier. But better later than never!

Think About Children...

You have probably gone through schools already. So you can't go back in time either.

But now you have an opportunity to influence young people.

You can show them another alternative = make money online / build an online business instead of blindly following the "old-fashioned path".

Young people who realize the opportunities on the Internet will have an incredible life.

They'll be a million miles ahead of those people who go through the "old-fashioned path".

Be blessed!

- Roope "Helping people to succeed in life" Kiuttu

PS. Of course, there are people who enjoy physical jobs. Working on a construction site, working as a doctor, etc. That's fine also. There's freedom of choice. All work that provides value to others is honorable and respectable.

The point of this post was simply to open the eyes to how incredible opportunities there are on the Internet.

It's Your Time!

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JennyKnuuti Premium
That's true! Today I just talk with friends about that how I dream to quit my job and do work with computer later even I just gratuate to be a massager. I believe that at this point working with computer doing blogs, is my think to do. I have more energy to do my own things today better than yesterday. I just believe in this!🙏🤩

Thank you for this opportunity
Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Roope,

I hope you're doing well and business is good.

Very wise words indeed Roope. In general, I don't see any point in trying to get a degree when the online world has so much to offer. You can literally learn from your own home and make money as you learn. Of course, the old-fashioned alternative is to spend many years studying, come out in debt and have no guaranteed job!

I think I know what I would rather do!

For your interest, I left school at 16, apart from reading and writing I feel that all my learning started after I left school. I am still learning now!

Have a great day.

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Jim Rohn often speak about this. And he was a teacher in school as well. He said. I think the most important thing you can tell Young people is how to think for themselves.

Do not ever say to your child You cannot do this or that.
You need to unlock their potential by telling them they have the ability, intelligence to go anywhere and do anything and Achieve anything by finding out how and to put in the effort to get it.

Do not tell them what to think but how to think.

The problem with the streamlined school today is that it tells us what to think most of the time. We are so used to be told what to think that we cannot think for ourselves.
Dadaz123 Premium
In my generation there was a lot of emphasis on the old-fashioned path, as you called it. The new generation is more flexible and does not lay premium on formal education as we did. They make up the 'laptop nomad generation' and would be more open to the MMO market.
Debbi26 Premium
I spent a lot of money getting degrees and they did get me promotions and experience I wouldn't have otherwise had. Yet, most of the courses I took weren't even applicable to the job I was doing. It was just the fact that I had a certain degree. That's a little sad.

I use ALL the knowledge I gain through training here!