7 Affiliate Marketing Statistics (How many people earn $150,000+ per year?)

Last Update: August 19, 2020

I was looking for different Affiliate Marketing Statistics and wanted to share with you some of the most interesting ones. The stats are from different sources and you can check them out yourself if you want to verify.

I'd love to hear what do you think about them so feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below this post!

You'll see the statistic in the titles and then I share my quick thoughts about them.

1. The U.S affiliate marketing is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2020

Just in 1 country (=US), affiliate marketing is a $6.8 billion/year business. That is $6,800,000,000 in the US. Quite many zeros! ;)

Then you can add all the other countries and the global revenue of affiliate marketing is pretty large. There are quite many dollars to be shared among people.

And it's constantly growing...

2. Since 2015, revenue from affiliate marketing programs grows by 10% annually

It's great to be in an industry that is constantly growing. 10% per year is quite a lot... It means that in around seven years the market doubles.

There are a lot of dying industries but affiliate marketing definitely isn't one of them. Some of the dying industries in the United States are (source: USA Today):

  • Bookstores
  • Sound Recording Studios
  • Curtain and Linen Mills
  • Support Activities for Printing

Do you rather prefer being in a growing industry than in a dying industry?

Because of the machines and automation, many jobs will be lost in the coming decades. As an affiliate marketer, your future looks bright.

    3. 64.48% of the affiliate marketers blog to generate traffic

    I was surprised that the number of bloggers is so high.

    There are obviously many reasons for that:

    • With your own blog, you 100% own the content (unlike with social media platforms and YouTube)
    • You can generate huge amounts of traffic from Google
    • Blogging has been a proven way to build a business for YEARS.
    • Etc.

    It's good that Kyle teaches blogging as a primary method in his step-by-step training.

    4. 3.2% of affiliate marketers earn over $150,000 per year

    There you go...

    Where are the gurus who promise $25,154/month income in the next 60 days? ;) The reality is completely different than what they promise.

    One of the characteristics of affiliate marketing is that it's very easy to get started. And the money-making process can be taught in 5 minutes. However, actually learning the skills takes time.

    I remember it's the same sa what they said about chess... You can learn the rules in a few minutes but mastering the game completely will take a lifetime.

    I'd bet though that people who start affiliate marketing WILL make more money faster on average than those who go through an ordinary college/university route. It would be interesting to see comparisons about that...

    5. 42,17% (almost half) of affiliate marketers prefer to promote only 1-10 products

    I think a common mistake that beginner affiliate marketers do is that they start promoting everything.

    When I got started, I signed up for many affiliate programs and hoped to earn "multiple streams of income"... Well, by now I earn "multiple streams of income" but the reality is that I've got the best results by focusing on a few products rather than many products.

    If you are starting out, I'd advise you to pick 1-3 products that you promote and focus on them.

    You'll get most likely faster and better results than a person who tries to promote 30 different products.

    6. Some people make millions with affiliate marketing

    Pat Flynn is probably one of the most famous affiliate marketers. I remember when he was publishing his income reports, he often made even $50,000/month passive income from just 1 affiliate program (Bluehost) and in total he was making probably $2-3 million per year from his online income sources (mostly affiliate marketing).

    Flynn is obviously just one of many examples... In the Wealthy Affiliate community, there are also several people who have made over $1,000,000 with affiliate marketing.

    Check out for example the post from Eddy: I Made Over $1 Million With Affiliate Marketing. I also recommend that you read other posts from Eddy because you can learn a lot from him.

    7. More than 50% of affiliate-referred traffic comes from MOBILE devices.

    This is really important to acknowledge when you are creating your content. It MUST be mobile-friendly.

    Last time when I checked the stats on my YouTube channel, I remember that majority of the views are from mobile devices.

    Here are 2 things that have been growing fast and are expected to grow more online in the coming years:

    1. Videos
    2. Mobile

    BONUS FACT: Affiliate Marketing Gives You the Most FREEDOM!

    (This is my own addition)

    Can you think of another work where you could do all this:

    1. Work anytime you want (no deadlines)
    2. Work anywhere you want
    3. Choose to promote ANYTHING you want
    4. No need to do customer support
    5. No need to create product
    6. You will earn passive income (=earn money even while sleeping)

    In a simplified definition, all you need to do is to get someone to CLICK your link and take action.

    I can tell you from my own experience that affiliate marketing gives lots of freedom. I can hardly think of any other work where you would have similar freedom.

    Let's keep on rocking!

    - Roope "Exploring affiliate marketing statistics today" Kiuttu

    PS. Now I'd love to hear from YOU.

    What do YOU think about these affiliate marketing statistics?

    Did you know these numbers before?

    Was there something surprising for you?

    Let us know in the comments below and join the discussion!

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      EdwinBernard Premium
      Hi Roope,

      Thanks for sharing some very useful information on affiliate marketing.

      There is one point you made that stood out above all. 3.2% of affiliate marketers earn above $150K. I think the same stats also apply to MM programs. The main difference being what you added to your stats. That affiliate marketers have the most freedom on how they run their business.

      An interesting comparison for me is it took me working 25 years in my professional career before I broke the 6 figure income ceiling. Fortunately I was able to maintain that until my career ended.

      In affiliate marketing, if one works at it 8 hours a day for minimal pay, I can see it possible to hit the 6 figure annual income in 5 to 6 years. And that income will be passive with the possibility for it to grow even more.

      The strange thing about businesses like affiliate marketing and even MLM, once you reach the level where you are earning $150K annually, the effort to double and even triple that is not double or triple. But just a little bit more. Quite different from a JOB as an employee.

      But only a few people have the vision and drive to stick with it that long.

      I have no where else to go but to stick with building my affiliate marketing business. With most of my posts I'm writing now ranking on Page 1 of the search engines, the future looks hopeful.


      Kerryo0899 Premium

      I learned a lot from your post, thank you!

      Do you have any additional thoughts on promoting less products? I’m just starting out and am finding that is where I’m leaning. It would be nice to learn a bit more about this strategy and how you’ve made it work for you.

      Sui_generis Premium
      I'm amazed that these stats are so high. I must say that I'm sad about the bookstores though. I still like the feel/smell of a real book AND to look at it before I purchase it.

      I can tell you that you're absolutely correct about people being able to earn high $$$ doing this faster than those of us that went to college AND it's much cheaper. I never thought I'd pay off school loans. Just one Masters Course is >$1000.

      Thanks for all the info.

      BrendaMZ Premium
      Thanks for giving out the statistics.

      Amazon got started by selling online books. I sold number of online books back then as a seller, (long before Bezos changed the whole concept of his company). I made huge profits selling discount college textbooks. As a seller, that was free to do, they only took a small percentage of fees from my sales. Now that platform has everything and private sellers (pay monthly for use of Amazon Seller FB, plus huge fees deducted now). Other brick and mortar retailers selling online now like Walmart, Target, and Kmart are catching on and starting to offer a subscription services like Amazon does for their Prime services. Then the affiliate program got smaller and smaller fees the idea of making a profit will require selling high ticket items as an Amazon Associate. I had a firsthand experience as a book seller, I decided their affiliate fees are way too small, they keep cutting it down and down and huge fees for private sellers in their fulfillment business. Some lost a lot of money. Other fulfillment business owners decided to follow the trend during the pandemic making masks and finding suppliers for that as well as PPE. Now you can find them everywhere on Amazon. Way too many, I shudder the thought of those hefty fees that they take out of their profits. This is why I decided not to go with their business but just be their regular customer. I do order stuff from there, almost everyone I know that does that. Many have told me why not I try it again. It’s the fees that I kvetch about. Seem more costly than if using Esty or EBay (I learned, they too increased their fees).

      For many start ups, seeing a fast profit doesn’t happen right away, it takes years to build up. Like Pat Flynn, he didn’t earn a whole lot in the beginning, it took years for him to build his affiliate marketing business. Many others succeed by selling e-courses on their own platform charging $997 for their courses and membership subscription to their marketing platform. This is how they make a fast buck. I know you have done some selling of e courses as well.

      Roope, I know you were working on an email e marketing course, launch didn’t go as planned but please don’t give up, keep working on it and hopefully you will be set to launch it when you’re ready. Don’t charge 997, I can’t afford that, seriously. I get upset about that, go online to the webinar only to find so many of them are $997. With list of values that cost over 29k and “all I’d I did was “ ... blah... blah, same old marketing trick that I have seen for all those e-course that really should be fairly priced for most people who can afford it, at 97 dollars, not 997, that’s outrageously expensive. I wouldn’t be that greedy, not my business ethic to do that. Customers get mad, many get suckered paying that high price only to find that it’s very similar to another e course that they paid for 997 again and again.

      This is why WA price 49 a month is most affordable affiliate e course. That is my caveat to other people. Don’t buy into courses that cost an arm and a leg unless you have money to burn then do so but they all are similar especially in affiliate marketing e courses no different than what is being taught here at WA.

      Thanks for sharing.
      Deepen123 Premium
      Really loved your view. I loved your experience about working as a book seller 👌
      ASuryana Premium
      Very interesting information Roope and thanks for sharing your knowledge! I was not aware of these statistics.