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Hello there my friend!

If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, I am glad to welcome you here.

I am Roope Kiuttu from Finland but you can call me Robert because it's easier for foreigners! ;)

I remember the days when I was starting out here a few years ago. I didn't know how everything works out here. I was thinking questions like:

-Are these people real?
-Can I really make a living online like they teach?
-Will the training work?

Gladly I gave this a try and I didn't quit even though I didn't see immediate results. I know that many people achieved to make money much faster than I did but it doesn't matter because eventually, I made it as well.

Making a sustainable income online takes time and effort. But I have seen that if you consistently "sow the seeds" (Read: Take action!), it will pay off. Keep on sowing those little seeds every day and one day you will reap a big harvest.

Whether you want to make an extra $500/month or a huge +$10,000/month, Wealthy Affiliate training and community gives you all the tools to make it happen.

If you ever need help, just drop me a message and I'll reply to you. I enjoy connecting with new people.

This is one of my favorite quotes:
"Little progress every day adds up to big results."


I am thankful for Wealthy Affiliate and all members who have helped me to build an online business. Now I can also "pay back" and help others.

I enjoy life and things that I do. Whether it's going to gym or talking with people. Reading the Bible or building an online business. I believe that living a full life that you enjoy is much better than settling for mediocrity.

Let's live a full life so we don't have to regret after 20 years why we didn't give this our best shot!


Roope "Robert" Kiuttu

PS. Feel free to check out my blog posts on the right side below my image and connect with me personally.

You'll find tons of valuable and interesting information there!
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StephenTan Premium
Hi Roope I tried emailing you but could not.
Is your email working ? please confirm.

I have some questions here.
Kindly leave your answers in 1,2,3... format so that I will not be confused.
In you email course you said to make a post everyday.
1.where do I post? is it in wa?

2. how does making a post everyday makes me money?
Can you explain please?

3. does it mean the more post i make the faster and the more money i make?

4. what is QSR?

if possible reply by email as well

Many thanks
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hi Stephen,

I was changing the domain host so the email was temporary not working for a few hours. Thanks for contacting me here.

1. In your own website that you'll create by following the WA training.

2. More posts => targets more keywords in Google => more visitors to your site => more money to your pocket

3. Same as 2.

4. Competition for the keyword. Kyle explains it thoroughly in the training.

My best advice is to get started with the Wealthy Affiliate training. Kyle has lined out the lessons to get you started on the right foot and keep you on track. He'll help you get your business moving in the right direction, step by step.

You can always ask questions on the training modules to get answers from other members (including myself). You can also send me a message me any time with specific questions about the training or your website.

Training starts here: I am looking forward to your success.
StephenTan Premium
Thanks for the reply.
However I did not understand your answers.

Anyway I will move on step by step with the training for now
and will keep asking questions. Hopefully with time I will put all the pieces of jig saw together and see the whole picture.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, it's a good idea to go through the step by step training because if answers all your questions in a great detail. You can of course ask me what specifically didn't you understand and I will help you now with that.

Happy New year!
Miket224 Premium
Thank you so much roope your day 3 email about picking a nice help me dress to play I've been struggling trying to pick one going back and forth. See writing you gave us about the top 10 gave me my Niche I am very passionate about beards and beard oils and beard balms and that was one of them so I really think I'm a go with that. Thank you again.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That beard niche sounds like a wonderful choice. It's well targeted and not broad enough. There are still millions of people who would love learn about this topic and looking for products to buy all the time online. So I'm sure you can become very successful with it.
Miket224 Premium
Hello Roope thank you for the invite. I'm very passionate about twisting balloons I've been doing it for almost 30 years but I'm really bad at marketing so I've never made the money at it that I know I can. So I've always wanted to try online business but as you say life always got in the way. Now I'm 44 with a bad back so I have the time and the energy to put forth the effort to reach my goals with an online business. I'm not sure if balloon twisting can coincide with the online business but that would be amazing if it could. Sorry for the novel I'm just excited thank you again for the invite.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Nice! I just replied to your profile :)
tvrob26 Premium
Hi Robert

Great to meet you and I just wanted to say hello as I’m now following you.
Loved your bio and it has given me a boost of inspiration to pursue this amazing business of affiliate marketing.
I know it’s going to take some time to see some decent financial results, but I’m keen to stick to the training and implement lots of action.
Many thanks in advance for any help and guidance you give me.

Kind regards Rob
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hi Rob, nice to meet you.

By sticking to the WA training and consistently taking action, you're gonna succeed for sure!
YasA1 Premium
Hi Roope,
I am considering the upgrade.
I wonder at the end of the first month (@ $19) if I still like the upgrade, would I be allowed the Purchase the yearly membership (@ $359) instead of continuing monthly payments (@ $49)?
I see the value of yearly membership if I like the Premium.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hi Yas!

Yes you can buy, at the end of the first month. That's what I did also myself when I got started here. I wanted to save money instead of paying $49/month.

I highly recommend going yearly because you'll save $229 every year and also make yourself a commitment to your learning and own success which is very important as well.

When you give this at least a year, you can make a HUGE progress if you consistently move forward week in and week out.

Looking forward to hearing from you later!

YasA1 Premium
Excellent. Thanks for the prompt reply. You are truly a supportive community.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, WA is a very supportive community. Great to have you here in the "WA family" :)