Beware of 'Legendary Marketer'!

Last Update: November 07, 2018

Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new here, and as I was taking my first steps to creating my landing page, I was directed to pick up a free book titled, "Legendary Marketer". After you process the payment of shipping, you'll receive a confirmation email for your order, along with another email explaining how to access their website and begin their 15 Core Steps training.

So with some excitement, I went ahead and watched the 1st Core Step and was prompted to continue onto the next step. BUT, before you can continue onto any other steps, you have to contact your coach so he or she can answer any questions you may have and unlock the next step. So I continued this up until step 6, with steps 1-3 providing some background about the founder and what the business is, and step 4-6 being what their "idea" is and how they want you to invest into their idea.

See where this is going? Let me explain.

Their business model is mostly structured around what's called a "value ladder". And within their value ladder are 8 products. The first starting at a low monthly fee of $30, which is what you'll be paying in order to access their training (some of it). After that, every other product is a one-time fee that can go all the way up to $30,000!!!

So with this "model" of theirs, what you're essentially doing is purchasing the license to a product, reselling it to some other unaware soul, and making a commission of that sale. Problem is, those sales are not guaranteed. Even if you manage to drive traffic to their website, it's not guaranteed they'll purchase it. And with investments starting at $2,500 and up, that's a huge risk to take.

All in all, I don't recommend it. And to top it off, you're not getting any value from it. The training that you're provided with is just so that you'll learn how to promote them and sell their products. I'd rather have something that I've built myself. It may take time and money, but it'll be mine. Something that I can actually be proud of and continue to grow.

Just my two cents.

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DBlanchard Premium
Great Information thanks for the heads up!
mattmike Premium
Thanks for the warning, Just started looking into LM. Glad you saved me the time and money. Let's face it the best program is Wealthy Affiliate. Straight up and honest. Best to stick with it and stop chasing losers.
BShuta Premium
I joined Legendary Marketer a month ago on the 7th of November, I just asked Jason if I should drop that and spend my money and energy into developing my business here at WA where at least you have a community willing to help you and tons of training provided. I think my question has been answered! You are right about the 15 core steps after 3 they start pitching and with me after 6 he opened all of them up for me but then spent all the time with me that I was suppose to be asking questions trying to get me to invest in the coaching program which like you said starts at $2500.00 Once he understood I could not afford that, I never heard from him again! Glad i only have $30 invested, Anyway I am glad I searched for Legendary Marketer on WA and found your post!! Headed over to Legendary Marketer right now to close that down! Thank you for your post! Becky Shuta
RDulloo Premium
WOW! That's borderline MLM but more into the PYRAMID scheme than the MLM, because at least with an MLM, you can make money through product sales. But here, there is no other way to make money but to recruit and recruit.

This is similar to MOBE, that has been shut down by the FTC. I think it's gonna go right down like MOBE though, because there's just gonna be a lot of people complaining about the amount of money that this company is gonna be ripping them off.

Thanks for the heads up. I had heard of them and planned to do a review on them, but have not come to them yet. It's great to know some information about them.

Have you at least gotten your money back though?
Roo824 Premium
Thankfully, I never put any money into them. I like to research anything before I invest any of my precious time or money, and eventually saw through their scheme.

You can only imagine the reaction from my "coach" once I explained how I was aware of their business model. He tried to lead me onto the idea of purchasing their $2,500 product, explaining that the $30 membership is only a "backend" for when things go south with sales of the $2,500 product.
RDulloo Premium
I laughed really hard just now!

That's just BS! They don't market the TOTAL cost of the business and I wonder why that is... hmmmm....

Works EXACTLY like MOBE!

Well, I'm happy that you never invested the big money into them. Maybe somebody who was with MOBE before had the bright idea of creating legendary marketer AFTER knowing how MOBE works.
BenjisDad Premium
Those high ticket programs do require an investment to get in but remember they are all optional.

When you buy an iPhone and you fall in love with the iMessage and the "ecosystem" you have the option to buy and expand with MacBook Pro or an iMac or an ipad, etc.... Doesn't mean your gonna do it right away.

Regardless, when I first started, I did not have the the capital to invest any any programs like that and WA is the best, most cost effective option out there.

When I hear people complain that the $19 or the $49 per month is too much to run an online business. I try to remind them, some programs cost like AWOL or Legendary Marketer or John Crestanis Super Affiliate System can cost you upwards of $20k-$30k to get all the optional upgrades.

So take it for what it's worth and work towards something that works.

Those systems work IF you can buy into them. If not, go the cost effective way that also works and build your blog.

Regardless, pick one system and stick to it. If you jump around you are guaranteed to struggle.

Finally if you are interested in the make money online niche, then you should save content like this for your blog. It's likely not to make you much money here on WA.
Roo824 Premium
I suppose you have a point, but companies like this need to be more upfront about what you're getting into instead of slapping you in the face halfway through the initial setup.

As for me, I'd rather stick to WA's system. I would much rather have moments of wonder and temporal obstacles, then have a system where it's basically forcing you sell their stuff.