Glad to be back in the WA community

Last Update: November 28, 2013

Hello all, I rejoined WA about 7 weeks ago. In that time I learned a lot. Building my website is coming along. My about me page is ready and I have one content page ready. I feel I still have a lot to learn but at least now things are moving and all the guru garbage is now disappearing in the dustbin. I want to have my first site up and running before Christmas. I really liked the step by step course and I'm now buys with the second course. Kyle's instruction videos are great and not too long. So no more boring long webinars for me (for me that doesn't work). But maybe that also is because I am a straight to the point guy who doesn't like to listen to long-winded stories.

I finish with saying thanks to all of you who have taken an interest in me and are following me at WA.

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tinamarie Premium
Hi Ron, Welcome back to WA and sounds like you're moving along well. Definitely possible to get your site established before Christmas. Keep the focus you have and you'll be there before you know it! Tina
Ron Meyering Premium
Thanks for your comment Tinamarie