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Can self-hypnosis help me if I am finding it really difficult to get off to sleep?Firstly don’t imagine that self-hypnosis is going to put you into a zombie like state! All it does is help you to relax and put you in a calm state of mind, whereby you can still hear and feel everything that is going on around you.I have personally used this method for years whenever I have had difficulty in getting off to sleep and it rarely lets me down.Use your strong imagination. E.G. If I said there wa
September 26, 2015
First of all, just what is Insomnia?Well, I’m fairly sure that most people have suffered from it at some time in their lives where whatever they seem to do; they just can’t get to sleep.I’m certain that they would all love to know how to cure Insomnia? Serious cases often have to resort to visiting specialists in sleep disorders and may have to be monitored in a special sleep clinic.On the other hand many of us are only occasionally concerned by it, usually caused by worry&hel
September 24, 2015
Firstly, I was born in 1937, I then got an army number which ended in 1137 and I could go on for hours about how the number 37 has crossed my path.... and WOW just now I found out that my ranking is now 137 . I am certainly pleased with my progress and can assure anyone here in WA who has joined because of the promises we all see here, will eventually exceed that figure solely by being involved in the community.Rogerp.s. I'll tell you how lucky 37 has been to me.. I was once told that a horse c
September 22, 2015
Have you ever heard the expression "Mother Natures Foods" and wondered what it meant? Well lets begin by looking at the opposite to "Mother Natures Foods" or "Mother Natures Recipes"and why there are so many health problems around the world today. Firstly, there are vast ranges of foods available from our supermarkets today, with many of them containing far too much fat, sugar salt, plus other preservatives which most of us know little about.The results of which are showing up initially by the
Although I have only been here at 'Wealthy Affiliate' for a short while, I have seen this question quite posed a few times. I would imagine that the majority of people here are in full time work and would like nothing better than to be able to pack their job in and work from home in the hours which suited them. After all, if you are in full time work, you arrive home and then have to eat, deal with all the domestic jobs that have to be done specially if you have a family. So obviously, time is
September 14, 2015
Yesterday I posted that it is a good idea to 'Organise Yourself For Success' and have since thought it wise to show you that I do what I profess, so here is a picture of my desk.O.K. so I could have emptied the waste paper bin but I am only human:-)Incidentally, you will notice that I have 2 monitors and I must say that since I have been able to use these together, it has made my life a lot easier since I can work on a word document on the left hand screen before I copy &
September 13, 2015
Many years ago, I bought a CD called "Organising for Success" and I must admit that it gave me some of the most useful tips on: How to organise my office so as to work in a constructive, non cluttered atmosphere.How to prevent yourself from drowning in a sea of paperwork, emails etc. How to find anything in secondsAll with the aim of reducing stress and working constructively so as to build whatever business we are involved with.I did exactly as they instructed all those years ago and have kept
Know anyone who wears False Teeth? Why on earth would I ask that, I hear you ask?Well some people who wear false teeth have a great deal of trouble eating a lot, and I mean a LOT of health giving foods and in some cases miss out on these foods completely! They either have to over-boil certain vegetables to make them soft enough to eat which boils out most of the goodness, or even go without completely. Vegetables such as carrots, radishes, celery, beetroot etc.The obvious answer to this particu
A nice friendly chap here at WA ( Kpatrice) suggested that I might look a bit like Joe Biden, vice president of the USA H'mmm, Which one is Joe Biden? Now I have done some incredible things in my time and I think I have to ask the question... Should I run for President next time? Answers on the back of $100 bills please. :-)
I have been with Wealthy Affiliates for just over a month now and am extremely pleased with all the help I have been given, not only from the courses from Kyle but also from all the help I have received from other members, old and new alike!For the very reason that my wife, Ruth and I love juicing and all the benefits we have received from it over the years, I found it to be the obvious niche when coming to any decision about what items I should be promoting. I would love for people to view my