Making a goal list can have a powerful motivational effect on you and can keep you focused, who knew

Last Update: September 08, 2019

I was never one for making goals or a list of goals that I wanted to achieve in due time. One day last week, I made a list of things that I want to accomplish and things that I have to accomplish in order to birth other goals; it’s like accomplishing one goal will give birth to other thereby starting a chain reaction that will put my powerful plan into motion.

Truth be told, some of the goals I can accomplish right now but the only reason I don’t is because I want to do it all at once. I know that sounds a little foolish but trust me, as Stacy Morasco herself once said,
“there’s a method to my madness”, and by accomplishing my goals in this way, I feel it’ll help me stay motivated in accomplishing those goals.

The bad part about my goals is that I’m going to have to wait to get some more money to really push the goals or push my “endgame” to goal so to speak. But make no mistake, I’ve finally begun realizing why some people are so wealthy and so successful. The reason or what I think the reason is, goals; they had goals and accomplished them.

Even now, I’m still adding things to my goal list but I will accomplish everything on it. My ultimate goal is to be a stay at home dad for my little boy and my list of goals will make it so. I always thought that making a goal list was a bunch of hooey but I see it for the powerful tool it is and the power it possesses. If you have goals, make a list; it helps and the goals will always keep you motivated.

Also, I'm trying to teach myself something new every other day that I don't post to my website; like right now, I'm trying to teach myself how to use the Amazon keyword tool so I can find keywords for my ebooks; so there's also that.

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Setting goals, breaking them into achievable milesones and taking action help you to accomplish goals.

Keep motivated on what you want. Rodney.

All the best,
RodneyJr Premium
Thanks Maxine, I'm driven and determined to make things happen. I want to be a stay at home parent above all else, so that is another reason why I am doing this.
JKulk1 Premium
Goals and planning and then taking action will definitely lead to success. Jim
RodneyJr Premium
Indeed it will Jim, sorry about the late reply; it's been a busy day.
RonaldH3 Premium
Rodney I don't quite understand how you intend to achieve all of your goals at once. What ever way and however you accomplish your goals do it. The important things are that you are moving forward in a positive way. This is some advice I want to give you and this is just my humble opinion.Just keep this in mind or totally disregard it if it does not make sense to you. As great as god is it took him seven days to make the earth! Plants, flowers, and trees don't grow at once.! People who have accomplished great things have done so incrementally one step at a time with their end goal in mind. If you build a house you build a strong foundation first. After that you can build on it. I think you understand what I'm trying to convey to you. Just keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals. Good luck. Keep moving. Don't stop.
RodneyJr Premium
Thanks Ron, I'll keep that in mind. But, the way I have the dominoes stacked, they'll all fall at the same time; I thought this through more than enough times for it to not go through. Sorry about the late response, busy day.