Idea Mining For Blog Post

Last Update: July 08, 2017

So have you ever found yourself stuck for ideas on what to write about. I know I have.

I do this thing I call Idea mining and I believe it can help you. I am not a miner, but I do know that you need tools to mine that gold. The concept of mining for ideas is the same way.

Here is the tools you will need:

  • If you are on your computer you will need a word program with a file named blogging ideas open and minimized. Every time!
  • If you are not at your computer you should start a memo on your phone called, yep you guessed it, blogging ideas.
  • You will need a keyword tool such as Jaxxy or the WA keyword tool.
  • The last tool you will need is a clear mind with an idea seeking mindset.

Life can be very distracting so it is imperative that you develop a way to clear your mind. It could be taking a walk or just getting five minutes alone. I find that if I think about the lifestyle that I want for my family and me that everything else just fades away. My why am I doing this.

Develop your why, give time everyday to thinking on your why, and the idea seeking mindset will come.

This could be a whole other blog post my friends.

Here is the process. When you going over a training, writing a blog post, reading someone else's blog, or just browsing the net something will catch your attention. Whatever that is write it down on you word document. If you are not online put it in your memo.

When you have time or what I do is schedule an hour during my week for this one task. Open your list and start doing your keyword research. Here is an excellent training on this

Doing your keyword research will lead you to more and more ideas for great content and great content will lead you to what we are all looking for internet gold.

I hope this helps someone. I know it works for me.

To your continued success,


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nabilex Premium
Thanks for sharing, Rod
MKearns Premium
I do a lot of this Rod!
Rod3 Premium
I am still learning Michael, but these things have worked for me so far. Thanks for the comment.
garydlc Premium
Great ideas thanks for sharing, now I have no any excuses for running out of ideas.

Rod3 Premium
Thanks Gary. Every time I see your profile pic I have this strange desire to get a cup of coffee.. :)
garydlc Premium
I like that Rod, Hahahaha.