Anyone ever got sucked in to one of those MLM?

Last Update: February 26, 2014

I have been a victim of a couple MLM. But not all of them are bad. They could all be great if you make it to be. I just wanted to get everyone's perspectives and stories about their experiences on MLM companies.

- Rochiemar Carson

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Wayne Wallace Premium
As I just said in your other post legal MLMs are okay. It's the illegal ones you need to watch out for. They are just scams to take your money. I'm involved in an MLM that is great for me and a lot of people. You have to find one that's right for you and your lifestyle and what you're into.
bradgro Premium
When I was younger I tried them all. From Amway to quickstar to several online ones.......and none of them ever worked. What I learned was that the only way to make money was by offering an actual object or service. That's the only honest way to go.
Rochiemar Premium
Thank you for your input Brad. I couldn't agree with you more. So with all that experience of the ones you failed with in the past, have you found yourself a home of what works for you now? I feel that everything you fail at, you gain knowledge and experience. Where you can overcome the obstacles that you occurred before, then apply your newly attained knowledge to new ventures.