What Would (or did) you Change?

Last Update: October 16, 2020

Hey fellow WA members :-)

I'm curious as to who would, or did, change either one thing or many different things that might have been that "ah ha" moment where you started to see the light in your business here at WA.

For some it might have been staying with it and working hard until it finally happened. But I'm sure that some folks did make a change that really started the ball rolling.

Interested in your thoughts and experiences.



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JeannineC Premium
I've seen a lot of people have an "ah ha" moment when they realize that the quality of content is more important than the quantity of words. Remember, while 2,000+ words may help you get ranked in Google, Google will never buy anything from you. So, make your first priority to answer your reader's questions, help them with their problem, and offer a solution, rather than getting excited about ranking based on word count.
Joes946 Premium
Guess I don't understand the question?