The benefits of a free week with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Sep 26, 2015


Why offer a free week of training.

1) to let you see for yourself

There are many asking you invest in their product or service and it is sometimes difficult to know if it is a legitimate company. There are signs or red flags to make us hesitate or think twice about clicking the next button and revealing our information. Some looking for the next get rich fad will proceed and ignore the red flags and the gut feelings that something is not quite right. The promise of making a quick dollar is so attractive that they are blind to the caution signs staring at them.

Legitimate businesses will be upfront with information. There will be no smoke and mirrors to deceive or trick you into purchasing their product or service. There will be value to the product or service being offered and a fair exchange for the product or service. A legitimate business offers information about the product or service for your evaluation on the products fit for your need.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free week of Premium Membership because they want you to experience the service and training available. This Free Week gives you the opportunity to learn about them, what is being offered, if it is a good fit for you and to see the value of the service they are offering. This free week includes 2 free websites and access to the first level of a five level course with each level including 10 lessons. This first level of ten lessons gives a detailed view of the training course available to you if you choose to join the Premium Membership and continue the training. The first week allows you to determine if there is value in joining. It allows you to see there is a fair exchange of information for the monthly membership fee. The first week shows you the amount of work, research and effort that has been done to make this training outstanding.

2) to let you know who and what Wealthy Affiliate is.

During the first week you are introduced to the founders and creators of the training program. You learn about their story, the how and why they choose to create this valuable training. You see for yourself the integrity they have and expect from every member. You will experience the community that has developed and the support it offers to each and every member. And you will see that great care is given to improve and keep up to date with the latest and newest information.

3) to dispel any concerns of the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate University

During the first week or even the first day you will see for yourself that Wealthy affiliate is a real company offering a real service and training product. You will see there is value to the training. There is transparency and clear understanding of what is offered. You will also see that the training that is offered is provided with no additional need to purchase additional products to continue or succeed.

4) to present to you the opportunity of creating your own online business.

Kyle and Carson the founders of Wealthy Affiliate University want to help others succeed with an online business just as they have. They truly enjoy helping members be successful. They understand the future of business is moving to the online world and would like to help those interested, learn how to navigate in this new frontier.

5) to offer a solution to the many scams found on the internet

Wealthy affiliate wants to offer an opportunity to save you from the many scams that are present on the internet today. To give you the opportunity to find a legitimate company that will truly show you how to earn an income through your own online business. No more smoke and mirrors or losing hard earned money to scams with no real product or service for that money. Wealthy Affiliate provides a quality training program and service. They truly care about each member. I hope that you will take advantage of the Free Week they offer and experience for yourself this exceptional company. And after that free week is over you will continue on with the rest of the training by Joining the Premium Membership.

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Thanks, Robin

Nice blog Robin.

Great Robin, i am spreading the word, Is there any agency that polices the web?

I don't know. This was just to promote WA and let people know about the benefits of the free week of training that WA provides.

Iam aware, but this is a concern for many people.This is the first time i have felt comfortable.

Well Thank you. I am glad that you feel comfortable with your membership here at Wealthy Affiliate. I know they are a good business offering a wonderful opportunity. Thanks. Robin.

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