Beauty Industry is for everyone

Last Update: March 07, 2018

The weekend Saturday and Sunday March 3d and 4th was a turning point for me; My return to the Beauty Industry, The Beauty Industry is for everyone because we all have to look good according to the job and profession we hold.

I attended the International Beauty Show in New York City something I stopped attending about 15 years ago when I went for a change in my professional life. I got into the mechanical field just so I can provide health Insurance for my family.

Thew International Beauty Show was once more a great experiance as it always was, I used to attend this show year after year ever since I went to Beauty School. I' have been in the Industry on and off ever since I graduated from high School but always knowing that this is what my passion is at,It's my passion because through Haircutting and Coloring I express myself and my art, I often wish it was music but I express it with my work with hair, after all it is a family trade.

There's always so much offer to the Beauty Industry from all walks of lifes and businesses and vise-versa, but what I enjoyed more was the:



Up-Do Hairstyles

And Avangart Hair

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Joyce122 Premium
I am a hairstylist and have attended the International Beauty Show in NY many years ago. I love the industry but it can be very competitive and challenging at times, and times I feel that I want to change my career, but i love what I do to much! As for music I really love karaoke and my site is about singing. It's funny how I found your post! Looks like we have something in common!
akwealth2017 Premium
Great looking pics! You are truly artistic!