Using Motivational Books In The Public Domain As A Free Gift For Subscribers

Last Update: November 12, 2018

It's been a while since I have done anything with Wealthy Affiliate, and for that time things were rough and I had to focus on my family, but now I am hungry and I am pursuing WA with more passion and desire. My question is this, and I am hoping for some insight to those here in WA with some experience and longevity for my answer but I welcome the comments and ideas from anyone here.

I have found a digital source of books that were published over 100 years ago on motivation and one of the tactics used of course in affiliate marketing is to give away free items to those who subscribe to your email list. I would like to use a couple of these books in digital format branded with my brand so that people remember where they got it. Is there an issue with doing this since these books are in the public domain and do not have a copy write associated with them? Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. I for sure only want to do what is right and legal so that I can grow my business and achieve my desire for financial abundance.

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Fleeky Premium
That is a very good question... you can use it, reprint it... but you can not say you wrote it... better ask in a legal platform before doing this... there are often issues wIth translations too