Winning! Ranking in position 1,2,3,4 on page one of Google!

Last Update: May 07, 2020

Hi WA family!

Just thought I would share another milestone in my onine business and in paticular how Google is now ranking my posts!

The last 4 posts I published in the last week and a bit, have ranked on page 1 in 15 minutes. I know this because after I publish a post and run a url inspection in Google Console I take note of the time and then copy and paste the post title into Google and there it is on page one.

One of these posts was in position 1, another is position 3, the third in positon 4 and the fourth post 3 hours ago is already in postion 2.

So what's changed to make this happen? Well, it's because now Google considers my site to be authoritive, relevant and therefore worthy of a place on the first results page.

Because, very few people who conduct a google search will harldy ever schroll down. They will almost always click what pops out at them first and what they see without schrolling.

So, postion 1 to 4 on page 1 is best but position 1 is always better than the rest. Now this doesn't account for the sponsored ads you see at the top which are paid ads. But being in postion one straight after these ads is still great.

This all accounts for the increase in web traffic to my website and an increse in conversion. So, for all you newbies out there in WA land,

#stick with the training

#trust the process

#keep turning out content

#always publish your posts

P.S. Content that is in DRAFT does'nt count until it is published!

regards everyone!


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JohaneG Premium
This is awesome and beautiful. Well done.
Mick18 Premium
Congrats! That is awesome.
Sonny40 Premium
congrats! keep it up!
MinaKim Premium
Thanks for sharing good and impotant points.