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July 13, 2017
A bit of a strange title, I suppose, but that probably made you notice it and checkout the post!What I'm really saying is that we should feel grateful for ALL of our emotions, be theygood or bad. They're what makes us human.Being without any emotions will simply make us cold and robotic with no connectioneither to our own hearts or to the hearts of others.As someone who has a had a battle with depression in the past, I often wonder whenI'm experiencing a down day whether I'm truly over it. I gu
June 27, 2017
Hi FolksNone of us here should need reminding about the importance of setting goals.Every personal development speaker and author from Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor to name but a few has waxed lyrical on the subject and if you're not reading their books or listening to the audios, you need to do so.Goals are those things by which we measure where we want to be in our business and in our life at a specific point in the future. A goal without a date is just a wish, right?Yes, a
June 15, 2017
Well, both really…How? Well, I became a Member of this awesome Community in January but I’ve had an unplanned and unwanted 2-and-a-bit month ‘break’ if you can call it that. In April, I contracted an extremely debilitating virus in my respiratory tract that left me with very little physical or mental energy for around 6 weeks. It was basically like having flu the whole time. I was not able to concentrate on anything ‘cerebral’ and so that brought my Bootc
June 14, 2017
Hi FolksThis is my first post for around 3 months after a bout of ill health followed by my part time 15-20 hour a week job becoming a 50+ hour a week job for a brief period. Thankfully, both have now settled down and returned to normal!I'm sure most people here in the WA Community will have heard of 'THE SECRET' which was produced by Rhonda Byrne a few years back.For those who don't know, it's an explanation of the Law Of Attraction in DVD, CD and book form, and a website full of resources and
April 10, 2017
Hi FolksI've often wondered that myself but have usually done it without question. Had I asked why, the chances are that the person I copied and pasted it from didn't know the answer any more than me, and that they'd just done it on autopilot as well. I saw and read this very informative article today which I thought I'd share with you all.Maybe just stick to Sharing in future, methinks..... :-)
March 29, 2017
Hi FolksCan you please offer me me some comments, questions or opinions on my Getting Started page for my WA site here at criticism is most welcome as I'm always keen to improve, so don't feel obliged to say 'Great looking site' or whatever just for the sake of being 'nice'!Many thanks for your help and I'm happy to return the compliment :-)Can you please post any comments on the page itself, rather than as a reply to thispost though?Ma
March 28, 2017
I wonder if there's an Affiliate programme for this little contraption....?It'd be a great niche - I bet we all know one or two people who would buy one!This is NOT my own product by the way - it is just a bit of humour I saw on Facebook which I thought too funny not to share!Cheers!Rich :-)
March 27, 2017
This morning I logged on to my WA Profile and saw a message that I was being followed by a New Member.As I always do, I went straight to the person's profile to welcome them to WA, thank them following me, let them know that I'd returned the compliment andto wish them well in their endeavours.What I saw from a fellow WA member by way of a 'welcome' absolutely appalled me for it's complete lack of professionalism, integrity and consideration both for our Newbie and for the WA community and all i
March 17, 2017
With a surname like Brennan, I'm allowed to poke a bit of funat my ancestoral Kith and Kin!Happy St Patrick's Day my dear WA Friends - enjoy yourGuinness and your Bushmills chasers!BTW.....the next line in the song is 'With his Merry Men' but we'd bestnot go there!
March 13, 2017
My Wife shared this on Facebook this morning.Like cancer, pretty much all of us will know someone who suffersor who has suffered with Alzheimers or Dementia.I bet most, if not all, of us thought at some point 'I hope they pull they plug if that ever happens to me.' I know I certainly did. We can make the lives of sufferers so much more bareable, and in sodoing make it so much easier for ourselves to cope as family members and / or carers, simply by thinking how we can best communicate with the