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Hi WArriors & WArriettesI'm not sure if this is genuine or not, but I always assume these things are true until I find out for certain that they're not.I saw this on a Facebook friend's timeline just now, and while it's happening in the UK it's the sort of thing that could be replicated anywhere.Please see the attached screenshot.If you live in the UK, you will know that our National Health Service is publicly funded.While we still have to pay for our prescriptions, they will NEVER phone yo
Hi WArrirors and WArriettesI've recently started a new website using the Generate Press Theme and when I wrote a post a few days ago and did my SEO Title, the character count went way above the 60 max that Google allows (well, 'prefers'), even though it should only have been 41 characters long.The reason was that somehow unbeknownst to Yours Truly, my Website Title was being included along with my Post Title.Since I hadn't encountered this problem with other websites using different themes, I n
Hi FolksThis is going to be a very short post and mainly relevant to UK based WA Members.If you're in the UK, you'll no doubt know that the long established holiday booking company Thomas Cook has become the latest High Street household brand name to fold.What you may not know is that the scammers are already out there phoning people who've booked their holidays and asking them for their credit card details including the 3 card security number on the back so they can process a refund. Most of u
Hi FolksI haven't blogged for a while here in the Community and I've slipped out of the Top 100 and then the Top 200, but hay-ho - rank is not what I'm here for.Which in a round about sort of way brings me to the point of this post.One thing that might have slowed my slide in the rankings is that as I've gained a bit more knowledge and experience thanks to the excellent training here at Wealthy Affiliate, I feel a bit more confident in answering some of the questions that members ask.Note, plea
Content Is King - Comments Are ContentA key theme of the excellent training at Wealthy Affiliate is that 'Content Is King'. It is the single most important factor in getting our websites to rank in the search engines and earn us commissions on sales.We are taught to walk before we try to run - to simply create the content first and then to 'beautify' it with images, proper use of headers and spacing, and appropriate insertion of affiliate links, etc.Why Are Comments So Important?One of the key
At Wealthy Affiliate you've got all the resources, support, and training on how to have a successful online business that you could possibly need.But apart from following the World class, step by step training and applying what you learn, there's something else that only you can do. You need to develop the right mindset for success.You can get help with it by reading books and listening to audios on personal development from the great life coaches out there such as Napolean Hill, Earl Nightinga
In this post, I am getting out of my Comfort Zone and opening up about something a lot of people don't understand and are often all too quick to dismiss or pass judgment on.Mental Health issues such as ADHD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, to name but a few are now rightly receiving proper recognition and treatment, but because anxiety and panic attacks can be random, infrequent occurrences in otherwise mentally healthy people, there seems to be little help available for sufferers, like myself
Hi FolksSAC Phase 1 Gone Phase 2 Just BegunI'll start with a resumee of what I achieved and didn't achieve in Phase 1 and the huge benefit I got out of it, even though I did not manage to complete all the tasks.I didn't start Phase 1 until close on the end of April due to family committments, so this left me 3 and a bit weeks out of the 6 to get everything done. Needless to say, I didn't manage it but on reflection I was 'above average' in some areas.Out of a target of 12 articles on my site, I
Not Your Computer's OS - Your Own!In the struggle to lead an abundant life you can sometimes reach crisis point. In a worst case scenario, this can lead to breakdown and becoming what Society sees as another mental health statistic. Talking pills and receiving counseling are typically the 'help' that is on offer from 'The System', but at the heart of it all is the need to gain an understanding of how your mind works.Living In The VoidYou and I, like 95 % people, live or have lived in that place
Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Super Affiliate Challenge - My Progress So FarThis is my first blog post on this subject which I feel is a little remiss of me, but I'll make sure I do another next week - the final week of Phase 1.I missed the first week and a bit of the challenge due to Easter holidays but once my two Sons went back to School again I was able to start playing catch up. Or so I thought!I hadn't been happy with my Bootcamp website for some time now and I decided to create another, with be