A Little Disappointed

Last Update: May 06, 2014

I'm not ranking on Google or Yahoo and I'm not sure why. So I'm going back to the beginning to see what I've been doing wrong. And I will be asking for help from the community with each step. But this setback has me discouraged. But I'm not giving up even if I have to completely rebuild my website

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royalpain17 Premium
Thanks for sharing I am having the same issue. But I was just going to wait and see what happens.
mackiejw Premium
Hi Richard, let us have a look at the site and maybe some of the main keyword phrases you used.That would help
Lemark Premium
Hi Richard. I do hope you'll get this sorted out with Carson's help.

Please do tell us more because I am interested too in the outcome. With a happy ending of course :-)
richard49 Premium
Thanks! I'm looking for a happy ending also:)
Carson Premium
Hey Richard,

You're in the right place to get all the help that you could ever need, so I'm glad that you reached out for help.

Let's talk about what you have been working on, specifically your website and your niche.

Can you tell us a bit more about your site and perhaps share the URL? I'd like to have a look at the site and off some suggestions.

Also, I want to make sure that you are writing your content and are targeting keywords in your Title that have a QSR (Competition) score of less than 300. Are you doing this?

richard49 Premium
Hey Carson
My site is Dating Later in Life datingbea.com All my keywords including my title have QSR scores under 300. Perhaps I don't have them linked to my site correctly
Thanks helping