Who Doesn’t Love a Bargain! Black Friday Sale 26th November 2021

Last Update: November 11, 2021

Is Black Friday 2021 cancelled? No, but here’s how COVID-19 changes it!

Discounts still abound, but you should really just shop online this year. Internet revellers looking for a bargain found the most disgusting items for sale from online toenails to furniture that should have been tossed into a bonfire. One newspaper source reported:

  • A new series of photos reveals the strangest bargains once found online
  • Some people tried to sell extremely damaged goods such as a shabby armchair deemed ‘in OK condition’ and beat-up sandals going for $60
  • Another seller posted a stunningly creepy ad for fingernail clippings, carefully arranged into a smiley face in one picture
  • Someone attempted to sell what was presented as Ugg boots that are ‘a little rough around the edges’, with a hole so big the person’s toes are poking through

Quite frankly this not my idea of bagging a bargain there are better and reliable ways of finding a bargain.

I love the Black Friday Sales on Amazon because I can go shopping for the family and get a massive discount on products

So what is a Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is a tradition that falls after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Its a fairly new shopping experience in Europe.

Shops compete against each other to get you the best deals, and frantic shoppers bumping into each other to get their bargains into one of their six trolleys.

Black Friday is a shopping day for a number of reasons. Its a reminder of the chaotic Xmas shopping season. Imagine!

The thrill of getting a bargain, You just bought your wife a mink coat at a fraction of the price. Or a diamond bracelet she was hinting at for months.

Oh! yes, and don’t forget those Gucci shoes you promised yourself for ages. Black Friday deals are normally promoted across the States and the UK, by all major retailers with Amazon being the biggest online store.

No doubt there will be plenty of bargains so make sure you are acquainted with the drill for Black Friday November 2021

Best Black Friday 2021 deals revealed by Which?

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2021/11/best-black-friday-2021-... - Which?

1. Preparation is the key to Black Friday

If you know what’s going to be on sale beforehand, it’s easier to check if it’s a good offer or not. Sign up for your favourite retailers’ newsletters, ‘like’ their Facebook pages and register for Twitter alerts, as they’ll be keen to publicise their best deals.

2. Find out whether retailers will match prices

Some retailers, such as John Lewis, will match prices on Black Friday deals (but usually not with online-only stores, such as Amazon ). This means that you can do most of your shopping with just one retailer, which can make life a lot easier.

Most other shops don’t have price-matching policies but may agree to refund the difference if you challenge them about a price drop soon after you’ve bought something.

Check out the Amazon Black Friday Deals

You may bag a bargain on Amazon for kids clothing and toys. Black Friday seems like a perfect time to kit out the kids and buy the Xmas presents for the kids.

Just make sure you hide it in a bank vault as kids have a nose for sniffing out hiding places. My children always knew our hiding places. I got wise and asked a neighbour to hide their presents.

Okay! so here is the question are you really getting a bargain on Black Friday?. Check the shopping tips as recommended by Which Magazine above and you should become a savvy shopper. Spot the bargain, raise an eyebrow when the product that has been on sale throughout the year. I wish you a Happy Black Friday Day.

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Happy Hunting !

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