When Viral Goes Viral

Last Update: August 01, 2014

Have you ever enjoyed going thru your friend's posts in FB about amazing or weird pictures?How about those funny or tear breaking videos? Then all of a sudden your wall is just flooded with posts of fails, weird, cats, dogs and the ugly!!?? Well, the viral just went viral!!

After the success of Viral Nova, everyone else has jumped into the bandwagon. The concept is to post as much images or videos that could attract as much views and shares as possible. Its a great strategy to drive traffic to your website.

So how does it work?

Set up your website.

Set up an FB Page.

Recycle old viral images, videos contents from likes of Viral Nova etc

Boost Fb page and website thru setting up ad campaigns.

Test, record, track, repeat.

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Daniel01 Premium
Sounds like a great idea I will look into it!
Keane Premium
Lovely formula. I like it! Simple but practical. I could do this! Thanks for this one Rica...

Keep shining brightly as always,