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Ive just created a Wealthy Affiliate Review and FB page!! time to sleep Thanks to WA, I finally made my first website..not yet perfect but getting there!!
This is how newbie I am, I do know what a landing page on a user's perspective but never had an idea how they are built and how they are used to monetize a website!! Thanks to WA, now I can confidently say am not as newbie anymore!! If you are in the same stage as I was watch this awesome webinar and in 60mins you will be able to understand how landing pages work, how it generates traffic and how to build an effective landing page to start using in your website!!
August 01, 2014
Have you ever enjoyed going thru your friend's posts in FB about amazing or weird pictures?How about those funny or tear breaking videos? Then all of a sudden your wall is just flooded with posts of fails, weird, cats, dogs and the ugly!!?? Well, the viral just went viral!! After the success of Viral Nova, everyone else has jumped into the bandwagon. The concept is to post as much images or videos that could attract as much views and shares as possible. Its a great strategy to drive traffic to
Whew! Can't believe how life can be busy! I've just finished dabbling into FB pages and just managed to finish one.. Now off to continue with my WA lesson...x
July 13, 2014
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