My Super Knife Sharpening System

Last Update: May 16, 2017

Well, some days it goes better than other days. I picked a niche that I was interested in a few months ago. This niche is a very small niche but I had a need and I researched intensively online. Isn't it wonderful that we can research and even purchase online. I don't even know where I could have driven to find out what I wanted to know. I was looking for a super knife sharpening system.

Moving on. I made a few mistakes and miss-steps at first. I bought a domain with a name that makes very little sense to my niche but I'm sticking with it. I've created pages and dialogue and recreated pages and dialogues. I may do it again before I through.

Do we ever get through?

My goals are very simple right now. I want to get visited and sell items.

I plan on learning all i can about online selling and getting better all the time. The members of Wealthy Affiliate have been outstanding in their willingness to help. Much appreciated by me. Thanks

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botipton Premium
That is how you do it and it is never finished. I am going back and redoing things I did several years ago.
adaba063 Premium
congrats for even trying and re-trying!
all the best,